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    2010 March Madness is upon us. The teams are set to battle it out, leading up to the final four games played April 3 – 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Coke Zero challenged fans the last few months to think of ways to improve the overall NCAA fan experience by submitting ideas to the Dept. of Fannovation for a shot at $10,000 and a trip for two to the 2011 NCAA Final Four.

    Brain Bracket

    Image: Coke Zero

    The top 64 ideas have been chosen, and fans can head over now to to vote for their favorites in the “Coca-Cola Zero Brain Bracket Championship”– a survive and advance tournament similar in format to NCAA March Madness. Head over to the Coke Zero site to vote.

    We are also giving you a chance to win right here at EveryJoe. We are giving away two prize packs. Each pack includes a Coke Zero fleece jacket, cap and water bottle.

    To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell us what’s your favorite thing about March, or what’s your favorite college basketball team. You comment will automatically enter you into the contest, which runs through Monday, March 22, 2010 at 11:59pm ET. We will select two random winners from all the entries and each will receive a Coke Zero prize pack.

    This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

    The prize was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this giveaway.

    Fleece Jacket

    Image: Coke Zero

    Coke Zero Cap

    Image: Coke Zero

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      • Annette D

        I grew up in NC, I’d have to say my favorite college basketball team is the University of NC, the Tarheels but my son goes to the University of Houston, so go Cougs!

      • Heather S

        I love the excitement of the games and my fav team is Georgia Tech!!

      • Jeannette Gavlak

        I love “March Madness”! The upsets, the last minute-no last second shots!–the win now or go home attitude-the excitement of the fans-I am so looking forward to it!–I must add–GO OHIO STATE!!!

      • One Frugal Girl

        Gotta love Maryland. Go TERPS!

      • Marilyn Wons

        My favorite thing about March is that the weather gets better and spring is just around the corner!

      • Steph

        My favorite thing about March is the Minnesota State Boys Hockey Tournament. My favorite college team in the tourney is the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

      • Francis Welch

        I like Syracuse because my mother grew up with Jim Boeheim’s father.



      • deb c

        I’ve lived most of my life around the DC area and Maryland has always been my favorite college team. I recently moved to the south, but, I’m remaining true. Good Luck Maryland.

      • Stephanie Grant

        I have to say my favorite college basketball team is the Arkansas Razorbacks! I just gotta stick with the home team on this one!

      • Shelley Mitchell

        Michigan State all the way!

      • Jeff

        My favorite thing about march is St. Patrick’s Day.

      • Mary M

        University of Louisville is my team – GO CARDS!

      • McKim

        My favorite thing about March are the few days that the weather is beautiful – letting you know that Spring will indeed get here!

      • Linda Lansford

        My fave thing about March is the warmer weather

      • Lisa Johnson

        nice jacket good sweepstake

      • LYNNE G

        No favorite team, but love March as spring is on its way

      • hminnesota

        minnesota gophers

      • debp

        My favorite thing about march is my crocuses,daffodils and tulips that come up.

      • rob


      • john rasmussen

        Go Vols



      • Alicia

        Spring arrives in March. YAY!

      • cathiem

        My favorite thing about March is St. Patricks Day and my team is West Virginia.

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      • PatZ

        March marks the end of a cold winter -Yeah!

      • Angela J


      • Kathy Scott

        I am a Memphis Tigers fan but since they are out it has to be the vols.

      • Pat

        My favorite thing about March is paging through the seed catalogs and selecting what we’re
        going to plant in our back yard garden.

      • Michael Courson

        I gotta pull for Coach K, and the Duke Blue Devils!

      • venus m.

        My favorite thing about March is that my Hubby was born in March!

      • Monique Rizzo

        Mine is that it is the beginning of Spring. Thanks for the chance.

      • susan varney

        this would be excellent



      • Sandra K321

        My favorite is the UConn Women’s basketball team. Go Huskies!

      • Brent Dotson

        Go Duke!

      • Chris N

        Go Baylor! I like to think my tuition went somewhere good.

      • Joni

        My favorite thing about March is the flower bulbs starting to break ground and knowing warm weather is on the way.

      • Rory Kaphing

        my favorite thing about march is the minnesota state boys high school hockey tournament

      • david basile

        Syracuse march starts spring bring in the warm

      • Mia J.

        My favorite thing about March is the weather starts to get warmer and all the flowers begin to bloom.

      • Anne D

        We love St. Patricks Day and my b’day is in March.

      • Min K

        I love that it’s almost spring but still crisp in March.

      • angie

        My favorite part of March is that spring is here.

      • Stephanie Coldwell


      • dawn

        the excitement of the games and my fav team is Georgia Tech.


      • Kathleen

        I love seeing the SEC teams win!

      • Kimberly

        I am rooting for Ohio State this year, so I guess they are my favorite. :)

      • Lean

        My favorite thing about march is the weather and the sunshine.

      • James Mercer

        I am a huge Purdue fan and love March Madness!!!!!

        GO BOILERS!

      • christopher h


      • april j

        My favorite team is the UW Huskies! Yay

      • Shirley

        March..the start of spring..I love it

      • Belinda SHaw

        My favorite thing about March is March Madness and my favorite team is Ohio State. Go Buckeyes!

      • Doug

        Would like to see Baylor move thru the rounds. Just glad they made the first round.

      • Gary Armour

        U of W madison, St Pats, jelly beans, flowers

        What I don’t like is breaking my ankle, before I got any beer even

      • Michael

        March is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s typically when the seasonal weather transition goes into full swing, there’s the men’s AND women’s NCAA basketball tournaments, the NCAA wrestling men’s team and individual wrestling championships, golf tournaments (such as the Masters), pre-season MLB, etc., etc. That’s why they call it ‘March Madness.’
        P.S. As of this writing, my favorite college basketball team is Northern Iowa – they just knocked off #1 Kansas in the tournament! :)

      • paul haddock

        Believe it or not I am not a College fan

      • Chrysa

        I like that it finally starts to get warm!

      • Rosie

        My favorite thing about March is the warming weather, the longer hours of daylight and sunshine, and the promise of new beginnings that comes with all of it.

      • Lucy Schwartz

        My favorite thing about March is the signs of Spring. The snow melts and sometime during March a breeze will come from the South and you can smell Spring.It has hints of warmth and blossoms.

      • Kristie

        My favorite thing about March is the weather and being able to open the windows in my house.

      • Marcia

        Today my favorite thing about March in South NJ is that the sun is shining, the snow has melted and we are getting the boat ready for the fishing season.

      • Carol

        Villanova in the Big Five. Used to go to the games with my father. March Madness always lives up to my expectations.

      • Gary Costanzo

        North Iowa all the way!

      • Marc

        March…an end to all the darn snow!

      • Wayne Dougherty

        March Madness is great, but what really excites me about March is spring training. I am a Baseball junkie. Thanks

      • REBECCA

        March is the beginning of Spring

      • Eva D

        My favorite thing about March is that it is my husbands birthday!! He deserves much more than I can give him gift wise but I try to make it special for him anyway

      • katie

        I went to U of M, but I’m a Spartans fan all the way!

      • Derk Thomas

        Being in New England you have to follow Uconn and maybe BC can have a good year.

      • Louie Longoria

        My favorite thing about March is March Madness baby! The NCAA March Madness Tournament is so big it carries into April. Even though my Texas Longhorns were knocked out in the first round, it is anyone’s tournament to win. This is one of the biggest sports events of the year and I cannot wait for the NCAA Championship game!

      • DANIELLE

        I like getting outside, planting new things and even mowing the lawn.

      • rebecca

        I like the change in weather that allows me to take my morning coffee out to the patio and enjoy the birds and squirrels.

      • electric island

        Flying kites in March!

      • shel

        I love all the bracket contests and trying to pick the winners!

      • Pauline M

        I really enjoy that that days are getting longer, we are starting to have warm days, and that BYU was knocked out the tournament (went to a rival school here)!

      • Timothy W.

        My favorite basketball team is The Citadel Bulldogs!

      • Harriet

        Was hoping that Texas A&M would go farther.

      • Faith

        Texas died early for me, so I’m pulling for Baylor

      • Jason

        My favorite College team is the MN Golden Gophers. Even though we got knocked out in the 1st round. Theres always next year!


      • http://ols patjasmin

        march is spring april is flowers

      • Jay F.

        I like that March is that month that still has snow, but it often melts before you need to shovel.

      • Auriette

        I don’t have a favorite college basketball team, but my favorite thing about March is that it’s starting to get warm again. We’ve already had a few days in the upper 60s and even the 70s. I love it!

      • Jodi

        Love Michigan State GOOOO Spartans.

      • Susan C

        My favorite college team is the Oregon Ducks-I love them!
        smchester at gmail dot com

      • Melissa B.

        My favorite thing about March are the patches of clover growing in my yard.

      • Amanda S.

        My favorite thing about March is the flowers starting to bloom!

      • barbara wright

        My favorite thing about March is that the back of the seed packets say that it’s time to plant them!

      • djgroz

        Seeing all the snow go away

      • Nicole

        Best parts of March (living in Michigan) are Spring, St. Patty’s, and March Madness! Naturally I am a Michigan State fan. :D Woo!

      • Amy Delong

        penn state&lehigh are our favorites!


      • Angela Winesburg

        I love Maryland Terps but they failed me yesterday… sigh…

      • Patti Sherman

        I enjoy the Final Four and have actually been to St Louis to see the Final Four. Would loved to see Siena win.

      • Lisa G.

        My favorite team is Mizzou!!
        lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

      • Rosey

        The Michigan State Spartans are my favorite team, but their best player’s hurt now, so they’re not going all the way this year.

      • Maja Meza

        i am not a fan of any team, but the prize looks awesome

      • Jacob LaFountaine

        North Carolina

      • Shannon

        my favorite thing about March is more sunshine

      • Sand

        I love getting the garden started.

      • Buddy Garrett

        The University of Kansas is my favourite college basketball team.

      • Barbara

        Thanks for the great contest!

      • Lily Kwan

        My favorite thing about March is the warmer weather.

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