Tackling a Job Interview

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A lot of people stress out about what they are going to say during a job interview. Will you know the answers to their questions? Will nerves get the best of you? Will you have chemistry with the interviewer?

However, a secret among employers is that they tend to have a good idea whether or not you are suitable for their job before you even begin talking about specifics. Half the battle, if not more, takes place in the first few moments of the interview.

Job interview

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First of all, appearance is extremely important. Even if the job you are interviewing for is in a casual environment, always dress up for the interview. It’s safer to be too dressy rather than too casual. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and tailored. Also be sure to be well groomed. Freshen your breath with breath spray or gum before arriving, but don’t chew gum during the interview. You want to cover all your bases in terms of your appearance when presenting yourself to a prospective employer for the first time.

You should always arrive just a little bit early for an interview. You don’t want to show up too early, however you definitely don’t want to risk being late. Arriving just 10-15 minutes early tells your prospective employer that you are prompt and reliable.

Your initial introduction to the interviewer is also important. Make eye contact and confidently greet him or her with your first and last name. Stand tall and extend your hand for a firm (yet not crushing) handshake. When seated during your interview, don’t slouch. Be sure to smile and keep eye contact throughout the interview.

Never trash your previous employer, get too personal, or act desperate during a job interview. Play to your strengths and make it clear what you can do for the company, instead of concentrating on what you are going to get out of the job (money!).

Mastering these simple steps could be the difference between landing your dream job and missing the boat.

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