2010 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant

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The 2010 Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant aired on Spike TV on Saturday night. One hundred of the hottest Hooters Girls around the world battled it out for the title. And the winner was LeAngela Davis from Columbus, OH. LeAngela was the first African American to win the contest. She picks up $50,000 for her victory.

LeAngela Davis - Hooters

Image: WENN.com

In case you missed the 14th Annual pageant, you can check out the photo shoots in the video below.

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  • Rufus Jones

    Boycott of Hooters

    I have never witnessed such a political travesty as I did Saturday night June 10, 2010 when a Black Racist Female was voted as Miss Hooters International Swimsuit winner. Her name is LeAngela Davis from Columbus, OH. She is the First Black to win the title of Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant. What is it with America ignoring more qualified candidates for one of color. Once again just like Obama, not based on qualification and popular vote but by color. You could see it was rigged. America better wake up before it is to late. This is another example of spreading the wealth (for those of you that do not understand that means taking from the hard working and deserving and give to those less qualified).

    As a result of this action by Hooters I will not longer support Hooters in any way. I am cancelling all my subscriptions and destroying any products I currently own that has Hooters on it.

    • sam

      i totally agree with you. A white woman would look better. personally, I want the real deal not that fake shit like implants and botox.

    • PAUL


    • s

      wow rufus you’re the racist. you prick. you are the scum of this earth

    • LoLa_Bgood

      How do you know the other candidates were more qualified? Were you there judging the event? Do you know their backgrounds? GTFOH you dumb ignorant hick. F*#K off! There are many people around the world that will always support the hooters establishment. they don’t need ur damn money. drop dead idiot

    • LoLa_Bgood

      Oh and in a response to sam saying a white woman would look better.. all those WHITE women had implants, botox, hair extensions, eye lash extensions, fake tans.. so u saying you want the real deal and using hooters in the same sentence is F*&king ridiculous u dumb piece of sh*t. you uneducated and ignorant morons need to get over yourself. beauty comes in all forms, colors, and sizes. You are entitled to have a preference, but you don’t need to put others down.

    • Lee

      Let me be perfectly honest, you and who ever else thinks Leanangela should
      not have won are fucking idiots! I think you guys are the racists, Because you
      rather give the crown to another boring short white chick,Then a tall beautiful
      woman who happens to be black.

    • Beast

      Rufus … please tell us where you live so where can come snuff out your entire family

  • vanessa garcia

    you should not have to be tall to win this. seems as this is all politics and winners are picked even prior to pageant. please from my understanding those judges are usually pretty wasted prior to pageant. why dont yall just eliminate all short entries they dont even make top ten. play fair wont ya!

  • wil

    i dont understand your rantings and ravings rufus. I think that she is gorgeous and well deserving. There were 100 beautiful girls on stage last night. 80 of them had the same features. This young lady stood out and am happy for her and hooters. get over it and enjoy some wings.

  • hooters girl

    Rufus jones must be a racist who is made that hooters is finally doing something right. For once hooters is not just catering to white customers it’s for everyone now thank god!!!!!!!! Congrats to LeAngela Davis the most beautiful girl at the 2010 miss Hooters international contest!!!!

  • Suzanna

    LeAngela Davis finally won. She has been in the pageant for years, has placed in the top 5 for 2 years in a row and so now she will have to retire. She is very pretty but doesnt seem fair to keep placing in the top 5 so that is about $70,000 for her over 3 years. This year’s show was really bad. Did not get to see the girls in their evening gowns. The show seemed cheap. Need to go back to their old format.

  • Leon

    I must say that I am rather proud that this girl won the competition. I watched the competition, and she was the most natural and poised girl on that stage. I can speak of this as I was executive director for a beauty pageant for several years. Most of those girls – sad to say majority white – in the top five walked the runway with this air of entitlement as if to say that the black girl had no place there. However, LeAngela, appeared very cool, calm, collective and her runway walk was rather polished. As a person of bi-racial heritage, I was rather proud of her and felt that she worked very hard for that crown and deserved that title and all that goes with it. Therefore, all you white HATERS, step back, you have conquered and ruled almost every corner of this earth for centuries and now you are griping because you are finally coming to realize that it is not all about. History has shown that every powerful ruler must come to an end and it is about time that the “minorities” of their world get their fair due. So back up HONKIES as your reign is coming to an end. Guess it suck to be you to when the shoe is now on the other foot.

    • Mike

      I agree that Rufus’s remarks were ignorant. The replies for the most part have on the contrary…been educated. I am compelled to respond to Leon’s directly, educated, but ending in an unnecessary rant about “whites” I am white and think RUFUS is a dumbass. Leon, I have a neighbor who thinks like you, my other Black neighbors (friends) thinks he’s a dumbass! It’s YOU and RUFUS in the end….quit letting ignorance interfere with obvious intelligence. signed: a white dude.

  • Eric

    Having been to multiple of the contests this year in North Carolina, I can tell you for SURE there were more qualified canditates. Fake tits are the biggest problem. Girls with great natural breasts came out, and for whatever reason did well, but once it got to the national level they got knocked down for the hispanic, latino, and black girls, mostly with fake breasts. Don’t understand why.

  • Eric

    Your an ignorant racist. Kill yourself.

  • Eric

    Dont get discouraged babe, I love short gals, you can come put on a show at my place any day.

  • madblackman

    rufus jones i am very affended by your rude, ill-mannered and discouerteous comments about miss leangela davis, you sound ignorant and foolish and you owe an apology to miss davis.

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