Careers for Lazy People

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    Even if you are lazy, you need to find a way to put food on the table. Instead of fighting your laziness, work with it and find a job that is conducive for your lazy ways. Here are a few ideas for jobs that will allow you to kick back and not break a sweat. (Hopefully you aren’t so lazy that you don’t keep reading the article.)

    If you are good on the phone, can read step-by-step directions and don’t care if people get mad at you, a telemarketing job is calling. Once you get the hang of it, you can practically sleep through your work day.

    Abstract Painter
    Can you sell? If so, create abstract paintings and then sell your work. Get a following and see the money pour in.

    Sell Your Body
    No, I’m not talking about prostitution. You can sell your plasma, blood, sperm/eggs or even a kidney — and get paid!

    Video Game Tester
    This is the dream job for a lazy person. If you are lazy, chances are high that you play a lot of video games. Why not get paid for doing what you do naturally?

    Check out 100 best jobs for lazy bones.

    Lazy people can find good jobs, too (Image: Flickr)

    Lazy people can find good jobs, too (Image: Flickr)

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      • daniellely

        I don’t agree with the Abstract Painter as being a lazy job. I know a lot of abstract painter who don’t even sleep because that can’t stop painting or thinking of new ideas. Also, the % of abstract painters making money that they can live off of is extremely low. So, I think you went wrong on this assumption. What about other jobs like a receptionist (who generally spends most of their time on the internet) or street marketing or a business building security guard?

      • henry

        I think a high selling skills abstract painter is accurate. Low sellings skils? go recepcionist.

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