Jennifer Aniston Calls Herself a ‘Retard’

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Fri, Aug 20 - 8:27 pm EST | 7 years ago by
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    Jennifer Aniston stuck her foot in her mouth on a recent appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly. While talking about a new movie, Aniston called herself a ‘retard’. That comment has outraged many and the timing couldn’t be worse, as there is currently a national movement that aims to eliminate the r-word from popular use.

    Aniston’s exact quote was: “Yeah, I got to play dress up. I do it for a living, like a retard.”

    The crowd laughed after her comment. But the humor ended there.

    How should Jennifer Aniston apologize for using the word ‘retard’? A good place for her to start would be On that site, individuals can pledge to stop using the r-word. As of this posting, more than 135,000 pledges have been made.

    Here is the video of Jennifer Aniston calling herself a ‘retard’:

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      • marion pearson

        I was so disgusted by her comment I did not listen to the whole interview, the moment she uttered the vulgar comment I switched off and although a fan am now reconsidering wanting to watch anything with her in again!

        It offends me, with an autistic child because this is so degrading to utter and should be for everyone. Shame on you for doing it in the first place and she should be humiliated for it and have it retracted.

      • travis13g

        who cares its just a word. its not even like she called someone else it, she called herself it so stop being so dramatic and making a big deal out of it because its not.

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