Katy Perry’s Boobs Banned By Sesame Street

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Katy Perry’s boobs are apparently too much for Sesame Street. Wearing a green dress that showed a healthy amount of cleavage, Katy Perry shot a video featuring her singing “Hot N Cold” while playing tag with Elmo. The plan was to air the Katy Perry video on New Year’s Eve, however after outrage by stay-at-home mothers, PBS has decided to instead ban Katy Perry’s boobs.

The dress Katy Perry wore wouldn’t cause any commotion on MTV. On Sesame Street? Personally, I don’t see the danger. Perhaps children will ask for a tall glass of milk after seeing the twins bounce around for a couple of minutes.

I do wonder how PBS didn’t manage to check Katy Perry’s dress before shooting the video. If too much boobage was showing, I’m sure they have the budget to find an alternate dress.

Perhaps Elmo should be blamed. He had a nice up-close view to Katy Perry’s breasts … and he didn’t seem to mind.

Katy Perry Boobs ... and Elmo

Katy Perry's Boobs ... and Elmo

Here’s the banned Katty Perry video featuring her boobs playing a starring role:

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  • George Esses

    nothing wrong…

  • dawn stotts

    i don’t see anything wrong, children of seseme street age don’t care about that,thier mothers do–jealousy?

  • dustkicka

    im glad it got banned. im sick of these stars getting their way.

  • MesMagicalMelody

    I think it’s ridiculous that it got banned, she doesn’t have that much cleavage in the first place. Kids wouldn’t notice it anyway. And I’m tired of violence being appropriate in america but sex being so bad.

  • Jake

    Nothing wrong there.
    Apparently some moral majority wannabe idiots have their heads too far up their asses to see properly…get a life you prudish, over sensitive retards ( no offense to the real retards ) PBS and Katy did nothing wrong. Just goes to show you that some people have way too much time on their hands.

  • Anonymous

    Surprised they didn’t ban Elmo for how gay his “Hi, Miss Katy” sounded.

  • psmcfa

    wow i do not obviously see anything wrong with this video either but what a majority of people don’t realize is that PBS is funded by a majority of viewers and if viewers (moms) whom are jealous don’t want to see it maybe you should make larger donations to pbs and tell them you want katy perry’s clevage back on thier unfortunatly it is a pr move to ban her from the show to make the viewers feel good about having the control to not have a very attractive performer on thier show but she could have dressed a little more modestly. but for katy perry that was modest…. i guess pbs should have looked up some of her previous work in photo ads…………

  • Mini


  • Pete Laufman

    Her boobs are so hot, no wonder she got banned…I forgot about the alphabet & wanted to kiss-her madly. She’s got great kasabamelons.

  • Danny Robinawitz

    What’s the problem there? The show has two men sleeping together but can’t show covered breasts? Makes no sence.

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