Bare Breasts Pics Traded for Job Lead

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Over at Deadspin, they got an email offering to trade bare breasts pics in exchange for a job lead. Check out the edited pics below or see the totally nude breasts at this NSFW link.

I’m not sure what type of job the lady thought she’d get by showing her goods to Deadspin. Unless her silicone enhancements also came with the ability to pen witty prose, emailing a blog makes little sense.

Soo I’ve been reading deadspin for quite some time, and I just wanted to show the best “titties” around!–MINE.

just moved to cali from nyc…and looking for a job! hahaha. any suggestions…


Emailing naked boob photos to a strip club would have been a better idea. If she loves sports, perhaps a sports bar or a place like Hooters would have been a better email destination.

Here’s a look at the bare breasts pictures that were emailed to Deadspin:

Bare Breasts

Naked Boobs

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    feel like want to brestfeed again…

  • Douglas

    Yet another example of; 1. Women will do anything for attention. 2. Woman who think their tits can get them any job. Having said that, they ARE spectacular, but that doesn’t mean she can put two sentences together into a coherent thought. But hey, I’m sure she’s really just misunderstood….

  • Mike

    they don’t look spectacular to me…..I’m sure the feel great though, if you like feeling rocks. :/

  • OOH


  • wes

    Why does there have to be little pics there. Them are nice boobs that everyone deserves to see. (.)(.)

  • say What?

    Those are ( o Y o ) not (.)(.)

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