Video: Aroldis Chapman Throws 105 MPH Pitch

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If you’ve never heard of Aroldis Chapman, it’s time change that. The rookie pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds just threw the fastest pitch ever recorded — a 105 miles per hour fastball against the San Diego Padres. Watch the video of the Aroldis Chapman 105 MPH pitch below.

While throwing fast isn’t new for Chapman, he said that not pitching much recently helped to add even more zip to his fastball.

Said Chapman: “My arm had been a little sore and the rest helped. I felt as good as I did a couple weeks ago. Not the best I’ve ever felt, but I felt good.”

At the plate witnessing the 105 MPH pitch from Chapman was Tony Gwynn Jr., the son of Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn.

“I didn’t see it until the ball was behind me. I was trying not to look at the radar reading because I’d be intimidated,” admitted Gwynn.

Is 106 MPH possible for Chapman? Probably not but it will no doubt be fun to watch the 22-year-old rookie try to break his own record.

Here’s the video of Aroldis Chapman throwing 105 MPH:

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