Tampa Bay Rays Fans Suck

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Not long ago, the Tampa Bay Rays were horrible. The Devil Rays, as they were called then, were the laughing stock of Major League Baseball. Rays fans wished that one day their team could contend with the big boys. But now, even when they are slugging it out with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, Rays fans are nowhere to be found. Inexplicably, Rays fans are the worst in baseball despite having arguably the game’s most exciting team.

Finally, the Rays players are talking about how much their fans suck. The final straw was on Monday when less than 13,000 fans came to the ballpark to witness the Rays try to clinch a playoff spot. Superstars Evan Longoria and David Price could no longer bite their tongues. They both talked about how embarrassing the like of support is at this pivotal point of the season.

Said David Price on Twitter: “Had a chance to clinch a post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands….embarrassing.”

Added Evan Longoria: “It’s a tough situation for us. A lot of the visiting teams come in and wonder where are all the fans. It’s actually a little bit embarrassing for us. We’re one game away from clinching a postseason spot. We have enough guys in this room to celebrate with, but we’d love to celebrate it with the fans, too.”

Price and Longoria are absolutely right. They’ve gotten some heat for their words but that is from people who are afraid of the truth. The Tampa Bay Rays fans suck.

End of story.

Evan Longoria - Tampa Bay Rays (Image: TSN.ca)

Evan Longoria - Tampa Bay Rays (Image: TSN.ca)

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  • No the RAYS Suck

    I don’t understand how a state with a 12% unemployment rate, with people struggling to keep their homes could be blamed for low turnouts. Here’s an idea, lower your prices or move to another market.

  • Scott

    You’re exactly right – move to another market where you’ll be appreciated. Your fans are pathetic. If you can’t draw after playing as well as the Yankees in what is the most difficult division in baseball, you’re never going to get any fans. Tampa obviously isn’t interested in baseball. This incredible team should move somewhere where the fans will care.

  • john

    Bonvoyage and don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you. GO BOLTS!

  • Chris

    California’s unemployment rate is higher and they all have hundreds of thousands of fans per team. Don’t blame the economy. If anything maybe that you’re state is bigger for retirement and tourism than baseball.

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