Kat Von D: Hot or Not?

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    Kat Von D was at Barnes & Nobel in Kendall, Florida signing copies of her book The Tattoo Chronicles on Saturday. Kat is one of those girls that men either lust heavily or think is disgusting. There’s not much in between.

    What’s your view on Jesse James’ tattooed girlfriend, hot or not?

    Kat Von D

    Image: WENN.com

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      • DavidB

        I would have voted “sizzling hot” if she hadn’t disfigured herself so much. A couple tats…cool. Practically entire body…gross.

      • ME

        would be hot with bigger tattas, not huge, just bigger

      • george

        i think she is very sizzling hot and she got a body of arts

      • Josh

        i’d Tap that a million times over

      • michael

        1) She’s NOT Jesse James’ girlfriend! She’s a tattoo artist and engaged to Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx
        2) She’s stunning
        3) She’s incredibly talented artist too =)

      • jeff

        I think she’s very pretty,but nothing remotely compares to bare skin.

      • ummm

        she looks liek shed be really hairy, hence the heavy use of tattoo

      • Angelique

        I think shes smokin!! for me, a naked body is beautiful if it is tattooed.
        Especially loads like hers
        I have quite allot of tattoos aswell, i wish i could have one done by her.

      • BaZMaORi

        dam that is sexy as hell nothing wrong with a few tats,shes now just beautiful as that place Michelangelo dude painted, just mind that camel toe not sexy lol

      • Chris

        She’s gorgeous. My Girlfriend has some great artwork on her beautiful body . I think she looks amazing. Tattoos on girls is a major thing for me

      • King1976bob

        Super hot. The tats are just a part of who she is, why should they put anybody off a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman be she large, skinny or covered in tats. It’s a little shallow to say they make her disgusting to look at

      • Barnabas Kain

        Some of her tattoos look really cool, but there is just too much there!! She is a beautiful woman, the tattoos are very distracting…such a shame. IMHO

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