Hot or Not: Pixie Lott

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Tue, Nov 2 - 9:19 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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Pixie Lott
is a 19-year-old English singer who has done well in the UK. She released her debut US single “Boys and Girls” in August 2010, coinciding with the TV premiere of her first film, Fred: The Movie.

Though she’s young, she’s a cutie. She certainly has a unique sense of style. So, what do you think about Pixie Lott? Hot or Not?

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott

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  • Frank


  • Maria

    I think she would be hot if she went back to her natural hair color. The super blonde washes out her potential.

  • Rex Remes

    Very cute. Hot.

  • FrancoNiro

    Definitely cute, at least from these pics. Has a bit of an Ashlee Simpson-thing going.

  • DavidB

    Great gams. Yeah, hot.

  • T Rock

    go back to england ~ you’re just a photo copy of American talent

    • t rock sucks cock

      hahahaha, American and talent shouldn’t even go in the same sentence. you’re all manufactured!!

  • smugdog

    hot. i don’t c a debate.

  • Sam

    She would be better looking with her natural color. Blonde does not look good on her. Second, I like women with more meat on their bones. She might be cute but she isn’t my type, definitely not hot to me.

  • kieran

    stunningly beautiful and hott

  • your mom

    america has no talent? bah. i scoff at that. we have plenty here, however the majority of our “talent” is in fact manufactured.

  • lulu

    nothing special!

  • Robespierre

    Young? Young? Why, because she carries a Teddy Bear? She looks maybe 25? 26? No. Not hot.

  • Anthony


  • Gordon

    She not ugly. But she definitely isn’t hot. Young. But youth doesn’t bestow beauty.

  • ukisajoke

    not hot maybe if i was in high school but any man above 25 is a perv and to all you uk fags we had talent when we took our country with farmers and pitch forks and then had to come save your pos of a country in ww2 show some respect we hould of let Hittler have you.

  • nash

    @ ukisajoke
    you took your country with farmers and pitchforks? Lol hardly …You are forgetting the help you had from the French, Spanish, Dutch & several Native American tribes. And if Japan had never bombed Pearl Harbour you would have never entered WW2. They say ‘ignorance is bliss’ but i’m guessing in your case its a way of life. Do the rest of your country a favour mate and try not to type online.

  • nash

    To go back on topic … She is cute definately, but hot? maybe to her own age group, but she is too young to be considered hot by a wider age range imo.

  • Pixie Hott

    Bang tidy!

  • Dave

    I wouldn’t use the word “hot”, but for the purpose of this, she’s hot!

    She’s soooo cute, I wish she could be my girlfriend!! Pixie Lott’s 19 YO and her and I were born in the same hospital too (Bromley, south-east London) :]

    She’s not manufactured!!! She started singing in her church school before the age of 5 YO! Just read her Wikipedia:

    I don’t normally like blondes but there’s something about her which make me smile; yeah you can put the violins down now! ;]

  • Reality > UK is a joke

    You dumb bastard. Do some research into USA history, shouldn’t take too long.

  • Bruno Mars

    She Is One Hot Tomali

  • Bruno Mars

    She Is One Hot Chilli

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