NBA Power Rankings – Best Teams in Basketball

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    We are a couple weeks into the 2010-11 NBA season and we’ve started to see the cream rise to the top. In these NBA power rankings, we’ll take a look at the best of the best. Who are the top teams in basketball? Here’s our list of the top ten NBA teams:

    1. Los Angeles Lakers (10-2)
    The Lakers are the defending champs and continue to look very strong.

    2. Boston Celtics (9-2)
    No team in the league would look forward to playing the C’s in the playoffs.

    3. New Orleans Hornets (9-1)
    The Hornets were the last undefeated team in the league.

    4. San Antonio Spurs (9-1)
    I guess they aren’t dead yet. The Spurs have looked good to start the season.

    5. Miami Heat (7-4)
    The record isn’t impressive but the Heat are obviously supremely talented.

    The Miaim Heat will be fine (Image:

    The Miaim Heat will be fine (Image:

    6. Orlando Magic (8-3)
    The Magic have a deep roster but do they have chemistry issues?

    7. Dallas Mavericks (7-3)
    The Mavs are the only team to beat the Hornets. They should be good again.

    8. Utah Jazz (8-4)
    They keep digging holes but they also keep digging out of holes.

    9. Oklahoma City Thunder (7-4)
    The Thunder aren’t as great out of the gates as experts thought.

    10. Chicago Bulls (6-4)
    Once Carlos Boozer returns from injury, the Bulls should rise.

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