Michael Vick is the NFL’s MVP

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When speaking of the 2010 NFL MVP Award, many pundits are putting Tom Brady at the top of their list. Honestly, that is crazy. There is only one real candidate for the 2010 NFL MVP … and that man is Michael Vick. The quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles has been to hell and back (due to his own actions, of course) and he’s now playing football at a higher level than any player in the league.

As good as Tom Brady is, ask any defensive coordinator and they’d gladly face Brady right now before taking on Michael Vick. Vick has long been the most talented football player alive. The scary thing is he’s matching that talent with work ethic.

And it’s not like Vick’s numbers aren’t backing up the MVP talk. In 11 games, Vick has 2,755 passing yards, 20 passing touchdowns, only five interceptions and a quarterback rating of 103.6. On the ground, Vick has 613 rushing yards and eight touchdowns.

Sure, Brady has stellar numbers too but he has a great system around him. Brady isn’t exactly a product of the New England Patriots system but it undoubtedly helps him. Vick, on the other hand, has shocked the world with his success. Nothing has been handed to him.

The only thing that should be handed to Michael Vick is the NFL’s MVP trophy at the end of the 2010 season.

Michael Vick should be the 2010 NFL MVP (Image: TSN.ca)

Michael Vick should be the 2010 NFL MVP (Image: TSN.ca)

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  • http://Michaellvick.com Homey

    Hahah. 6 days later and this don’t look so good does it ? Epic Fail.

  • Shecky

    Your logic is stupid to the point of embarrassment.
    Any Def. Coordinator would rather face Brady than Vick right now? Really?
    I’d like to see your survey results.

    This blog should be shutdown…

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