$3.5 Million Bottle of Tequila

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It’s not the tequila that’s expensive — it’s the actual bottle. Ami Mesika of NYC-based GM Diamonds created the most expensive bottle in the world (according to Guinness).

Most expensive bottle in the world

This bottle was crafted from 3.6 kilos of pure platinum with 6,4000 diamonds, totaling 415 carats. It was launched in Mexico City last month for Tequila LEY 925 and is priced at $3.5 million.

Mesika said, “This eye-catching and luxurious piece of art, which sat in our office in NYC’s Diamond District was always the main attraction. This one-of-a-kind bottle receives tremendous attention and never goes unnoticed.”

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  • Jonathan Grovestein

    Ami Mesika really does make amazing diamonds. Have been to NYC to see products and noone has the quality of ami mesika its not a surprise he won a prize.

  • Ellan Kraman

    Mr. Ami Mesika: I would love a bottle like this but I can only pay $100 – How about 1 for me lol ? Wow beautiful diamonds.

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