Picture: Katy Perry Without Makeup

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Russell Brand, Katy Perry’s husband, probably thought he was doing something cute. In his head, he probably thought he was showing the world he loves his wife no matter what. But he has undoubtedly learned his lesson. Brand posted a picture on Twitter of Katy Perry with no makeup. The hideous picture was quickly removed, likely after Katy Perry saw the picture.

In 2010, Katy Perry was considered one of the hottest chicks on earth. In 2011, this picture is going to dampen those feelings. Whenever you see her tanned body in an impossibly tight outfit with perfect makeup and perfect hair, you are going to think of this picture.

Here’s the Katy Perry without makeup picture. Warning, if you look at this photo, you’ll never be able to see Katy Perry the same again. Proceed at your own risk.

Katy Perry Without Makeup

Katy Perry Without Makeup

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  • Andy

    Actually…I don’t think he looks bad at all. Then again, I’ve never really seen Katy as super hot anyway. But I think she still looks pretty without make-up, and I’m betting her facial expression has something to do with how everyone is reacting..

    • EpicFail–

      “Actually…I don’t think he looks bad at all. ”
      The typo shows.. much. xD but I agree, she still looks pretty, here eye color is beautiful.

  • Smarter Than You

    You’re fucking pathetic. She’s still out of your league, and you WISH that you can sleep with someone half as hot as her. Have fun fucking your fist for the rest of your life neckbeard.

    • Joe

      Took the words right out of my mouth, what a piece of shit writing this garbage.

    • Oh gawd people get a life

      I mean really?!! I agree! Shes beautiful in every way and if someone has a problem with it they needa take a break and check them selves. Cause shes married, happy, famous and beautiful. People like this are terrrible, and their only bored with their own lives.

    • syrus

      If you saw her in the park you would think she is a crack head.
      If she wasn’t ‘famous’ you would not look twice at her.

  • urgay

    For a homosexual you sure do care a lot what this female looks like.

  • bob B

    I don’t care, still hot

  • Madelyne

    How could you call that hideous?? She has beautiful eyes,
    and without makeup!

  • Fifi

    Katy is beautiful no matter what. She is a girl like any other who has to wake up every morning with no makeup. What’s the big deal?

  • Em


  • Janeen Heimiller


    • The ConfliKt

      Only fat chicks and ugly girls say that.

  • silvergenesis

    Okay…. that picture is terrible. It’s also a terrible judge of how good Perry looks without make up on. That picture has terrible lighting, Perry has a bewildered look on her face, she’s got bed head and the flash washed her out. No one would look good in those conditions. Give me a picture of her with no makeup where she has had the same opportunity to clean up and pose properly in well lit conditions as she would on a normal shoot and we’ll talk. This picture can not compare to any of the professional photos and video of her we see.

    • SidewaysGary


    • Michael R

      Well and intelligently said. God forbid any of us should have to represent in public the way we look the minute we wake up.

  • Sensual Health

    I think Katy Perry’s beautiful with or without makeup…Obviously nobody can look perfect all the time, and we all know make up is fake. She’s a cool girl for sure…Someone who does martial arts AND Kegel exercises http://en.sensual-health.com/KEGEL-EXERCISE-HOW-TO, drinks scotch and margarita…

  • Tim

    Katy Perry is just another human being. I think if she looks this different with no makeup, that means she’s probably trying to overcompensate for something.

  • casting couch

    Big deal. Only people on TV and in movies go to bed and wake up with a face full of makeup.

  • echosei

    i think she’s pretty, without any make up on

  • Mike

    I still love her. She’s hot!

  • RJ

    ♫ I think she’s pretty…. without any make up on ♫

  • bleeny

    She looks like trying to enjoy anal. And that’s hot.

  • KM

    Of course she’s not as attractive with no makeup on, hardly anyone is. But she’s not hideous or anything. I expect no one would look sexy in that lighting.

  • Robert

    Isn’t this the pic of when she woke up from a binge and realized she had actually married Russell?

    • Cheeto

      Lol, I was thinking the same thing. Russell Brand is a weirdo.

    • Sophia

      Russell Brand is so cool, just cause he not a man whore with short hair and abs doesn’t mean you should be saying shit like that about him!

    • Normandy

      no talent with a grotesque enlarged head too…

  • Robin

    I think she looks lovely, yes lovely….that’s what popped into my head when I saw it and I’m sticking with it!

  • mikey

    oh look, a human being!

    • cheryl


  • Dana

    Guess what? NO GIRL LOOKS GOOD WITH NO MAKEUP!! And the only reason this is true is because over the years the natural look has been made to look ugly. It’s disgusting.

  • Julia

    Idk what anyone says shes gorgeous. EVERYONE has bad pics. And even katy’s still looks amazing. I fucking love that bitch :D

  • Kikki

    You need to get a tip.
    Celebrities are just human beings caught up in the turmoil of their careers and sought after by individuals who make a living off of critiquing, scrutinizing, judging and analyzing their every move, every expression and every article of clothing they dare to be caught outside wearing. Clearly Katy is confident if she feels comfortable posting this and clearly you have issues if you feel that just because someone isn’t caked in make-up and caught under perfect, controlled lighting that must MAKE them unattractive.

    Ever heard of attractive people taking bad photos?
    It happens to pretty much everyone. Not all attractive people are photogenic and not all photogenic people are nessecarily equally as attractive in real life.

    My advice for you, is to stop being so shallow and to get a life that doesn’t involve putting other people down.

  • Wow.

    Katy Perry looks like a person — OMG, disgusting!

    I don’t like this chick. And I like her less, knowing she really is that superficial. (Or insecure.)

    Anyway, who cares? Thanks for the pointless story!

  • Steve

    She looks sexy without makeup.

    • Steve

      She needs someone to tell her that.

  • lidya

    OMG she is so owsome wiz out makeup

  • Erica

    Okay. Take a picture of yourself as soon as you wake up. Congrats. You look like shit too.

  • Hunter

    Russell Brand is a narcissistic abuser imo. He has a huge self-inflated ego, has a history of sex addiction and he pusued Katy like a knight in shining armour. Looks like the false mask is off now as he attempts to devalue the woman he not so long ago put on a pedestal. No doubt he cannot stand the fact that she is more talented and famous than he is. Wake up Katy and get this vampire out of your life asap before he ruins you.

  • trixie

    hOnestly looks like when she was playing catch up like just crashing and not really a refreshing sleep but will get there and it looks like horrible lighting and also like shes holding her breath and her hair is greasy not a glossy pic but I have seen another of her and she was beautiful and fresh looking sans makeup some people actually do look better that way i maintain russelll weirdly invasive tho to do this with a pic of her

  • Mr T

    you don’t know what love is man!

  • bloozy

    i really don’t see what’s so bad about it as so many people have said it is bad lighting, and she’s pulling a funny face! i think its a fun photo that shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously and is an actual human being surprise surprise! i love katie and think she is beautiful!

  • Lovell

    I personally think Katy Perry is overrated, but I think it’s obvious that this picture isn’t the most flattering for Katy Perry. I don’t think anyone who just woke up would look great in the same situation. I have no clue why her stupid husband would take this picture on twitter, then later take it down. The damage has been done. The guy is a moron.

  • Ellie Worm

    This post is disgustingly shallow, like the whole of the media itself. She’s just a woman like any other woman, no one is perfect; not even “celebrities” would you believe? Idiots.

  • me

    I about peed myself laughing when I read the comment about anal. So funny.

  • MayorofLoserville

    The look on her face reminds me of the crazy astronaut lady that tried to kill her romantic rival a few years ago.

  • Trav

    i’d still kill to play with those tits of hers
    would barely spend anytime looking at her head anyway

  • jason

    holy shit! someone shoot that thing before it escapes from its cage

  • isabel

    I’m sorry but I think she looks pretty bad with out makeup.. this is a lesson for all you women out there who need to put their face on before leaving the house. Concealer, foundation and, powder messes your skin up so stop wearing it!

  • Joey

    I love how so many people are rushing forward to defend poor little Katy Perry–she doesn’t need your sympathy. She’s rich, she’s famous, and the world is her oyster. So what if she looks like crap without the three pounds of makeup she normally wears? She’ll survive. But let’s not get carried away about her being a beautiful person inside and out. She was an arrogant, condescending a-hole as a guest judge on American Idol, so I don’t think she’s beautiful on any level. She’s cute with makeup and marginally talented as a pop star–let’s leave it at that.

  • anna

    i think she looks really bad and that maybe its because she wears makeup ALL THE TIME. also, the lighting is horrible. ugly pic.

  • blarnman

    meh, I always thought she’d look like nothing special without makeup. Without her “I kissed a girl” single she’d just be another girl on the periphery of the Hollywood scene.

  • Booboo

    She doesn’t look ugly. But it proves that she is WAY overhyped.

  • Booboo

    “By Joey
    15 hours ago

    I love how so many people are rushing forward to defend poor little Katy Perry–she doesn’t need your sympathy. She’s rich, she’s famous, and the world is her oyster. So what if she looks like crap without the three pounds of makeup she normally wears? She’ll survive. But let’s not get carried away about her being a beautiful person inside and out. She was an arrogant, condescending a-hole as a guest judge on American Idol, so I don’t think she’s beautiful on any level. She’s cute with makeup and marginally talented as a pop star–let’s leave it at that.”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Joey. You are spot on for each point. Especially the part about her being a rude jacka** on American Idol and other venues. I think this pic coming out is good. It will deflate her overinflated ego some. I”m still willing to admit that she is somewhat talented, though. Not hating on her. I just think her looks and talent are way overhyped.

  • Chris

    Absolutely no one would look great under those conditions, and I’m sure she smacked Russell upside the head good for that prank. Katy is one of the all-time most gorgeous women alive today and she’s got nothing to worry about from this pict, even though she made Russell take it down in record time. It reminds me of what Miley Cyrus used to tell young girls: no human being really looks like a magazine cover in real life. They use airbrushing, photoshop and tons of makeup, special lighting and so forth to get those cover-girl pictures. It’s an important lesson for young girls to learn, and it’s important that they grow up learning to build their self-image based on character, not on looks.

  • prbrt

    Katy is a fuckin smokin Babe!!!!!! Once in awhile you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and Whammmm!! You get punched in the face with the internet. If only 10% of the people who post had the fuckin balls to follow up on the bullshit they print. She’s an amazing babe with eyes that would make most men blow in their shorts. Katy, you have inspired me to a whole new level,Im heading out to hunt down a smokin brunette or redhead which I prefer by the way. Die your hair red and you’ve won my heart. Orchids to you just beause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • prbrt

    Didn’t get to see Ameican Idol so I don’t really give a fuck about the way she come across to other peoople just me:)))))))))

  • prbrt

    you know there are a lot of people out there who are into Katy but don’t know how to react and I wonder why? Loook deep into her eyes and when you have them try to read. It’s a human thing. If you have no idea then run, but if you have an inklin about the blue eyed girl then party on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • prbrt

    Hmmm Wellll!!!

  • muskelprotz

    I still think she is HOT – I hate all the makeup on girls.

  • Kav

    ^^All of u missed the point…Katy’s not the SAME to the average guy anymore, period. Stephen, u hit it on head!

  • Kav

    *Deleting my Katy Perry wallpaper and screensavers*


  • Homer

    I would come on her sleeping face anytime.

  • Joel

    I don’t find women in makeup attractive, truth be told. I am slightly allergic to most cosmetics and that has much to do with it, although the cover photo she does look very, very attractive. She actually looks rather appealing sans the makeup too but I can see a difference, and might even go so far as to say that I understand why she reacted this way…

  • dave fitz


  • PoppyPete

    My dog does not see makeup, he see’s the person for how they treat him.

  • Leslie

    I agree, give the woman a break. She’s human and no one looks normal without makeup.

  • O

    it’s just a bad angle and surprise pics aren’t great either…

  • Dave

    Wow…….how pathetic is everyone posting here (self included). EVERYONE! get a job! Stop wasting your time on this stupid site and get a job, and make a REAL difference in this world.

  • Alayna

    No one is perfect. What do expect for someone with no makeup to look like? Jeez…get over it shes gorgeous i dont care

  • michelle

    i think she is still gorgeous . no girl will look stunning when someone has just woken her up and flashed a camera in your face so i think she still looks great and is just tired and shocked as her expersion clearly shows haha

  • Freddy

    this photo looks like it was taken at a bad time, like say when she just woke up. still, very nice.

  • Jon

    Katy Perry is a beautiful sexy lady with makeup but to me she looks horrible without makeup and looks like a totally different person.

  • kari

    seriously, its Katy Perry, not Jesus Christ, Moses, Allah, Buddah, or any other religious figure. so why do people expect her to be perfect. i think people who are calling her hidious are either dealing with some closet homosexuality, blind, or into fatties. whatever the case,she is beautiful. so those who hate, just go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and stop wasting peoples time who read those shitty comments. thank you.

  • Kristina

    Oh whatever she’s still hot, one picture among thousands shouldn’t matter so much. But the media is so overcome with superficiality and perfection that celebrities can’t be real or imperfect, all to make consumers feel inadequate so they buy things to keep up appearances. No one is perfect and the hottest women on earth are neither famous nor do they need to apply make up to look beautiful.

  • http://www.twitter.com/FierceLOVEBeast Alison

    KatyBear is still a SEXY FOX!!! Even without makeup Katy Perry still looks way better then most girls who dare to bear their true faces, she’s beautiful and still REIGNS SUPREME!!

  • Alex

    What is this? Hot women look less than glamorous when they don’t have makeup on? They may even look just like everybody else? The hell you say! I am shocked.

  • Greg

    If that’s what she looked like waking up next to me, I’d think she was the most beautiful women on earth…

  • Kenneth

    She looks like she is having a crisis.

  • Grace

    I think she looks very natural and very beautiful. She’s not ‘hideous’. Honestly, she looks better naturally than she does when she’s striving to be a Barbie. Just sayin.

  • mizeri

    I honestly think she looks better without make up. Natural beauty yet it’s tarnished by all the make up n slutty outfits. :/

  • Demmi

    She looks wierd in this photo, BUT ofcoarse shes gonna look wierd. My sis took a photo of me when I was sleeping and my skin looked all oily like that and I looked soooo much worse that I actually do in RL so Katy perry in RL probably doesnt look that makeup, ^___^

    • Demmi

      Sorry, I Ment “she doesnt look that bad without makeup” Lol

  • SidewaysGary

    Wow. What was wriiten about this picture realllly pisses me off.
    Are we all becoming so superficial that we can’t accept people when they aren’t caked with makeup?
    I personally love Katy Perry, makeup or no makeup.
    She is a truly beautiful person. I suggest whomever wrote this, go look in a mirror then you can judge someone.
    People are so ignorant.
    Do you not realize that she’s a person too? Or that maybe seeing an article like this would, hm I don’t know, hurt her feelings?
    She’s not just some pawn for people to judge.
    Honestly if you have nothing better to do than to make fun of or judge other people, your life must realllllyyyy suck. Like, a lot.
    So go sit on your ass and make fun of people, but remember that you have no life, and they probably do. :)

    If you have anything to say:

    Have a nice day now.

  • Vic

    Are you fucking kidding me? Katy Perry Is fucking HOT !!!! with or without make-up.
    I wish I could wake up to a smokin hot chick like that, I wonder what you look like when you wake up?…….you fucking IDIOT !!!!!

  • Kitty

    This really annoys me! The picture isn’t hideous at all, she just looks like any woman can look without make up. I think it’s refreshing to see stars with a few imperfections. It makes us women who cant afford personal hair stylists and spray tans and ridiculously expensive make up comfortable with ourselves for looking like crap sometimes!

  • Joe

    While I do understand the whole dont be shallow crap. This is a bad picture of her and she looks like shite. yes she looks stunning most the time but thats the truth. yuck

  • Billy

    Ok whoever thinks she looks beautiful, pretty or lovely must be high or look awful themselves, sorry. Yes she’s pretty most of the time and yes she’s human. Just saying shite pic of her looking like crap.

  • Jenny

    shes still beautiful, whats the drama???

  • la la land

    dnt think that is k.per per

  • Kristy

    Wow, this is what makeup does to your face over time girls. After wearing so much for so long, you begin to not even look like yourselves. I grew up in a church that made us go natural. I’m glad, cause I’m now 46 & my face has great color & I always have pink cheeks & rosey lips. So girls, give your face a break & go without all the war paint once in awhile. Then maybe when celebs or “normal people” are caught off gaurd in a photo, we can go about our daily lives & not feel like we just saw ET or something. Don’t forget to moisturize!

  • kell

    she looks like a fucking skank

  • Devo

    What a Minger!

  • Leabob

    If you’re a man, you probably haven’t seen a girl without make up before as you have never had the luk of waking up beside a beautiful girl in the morning.
    If you’re a girl, you’re jealous that even with make up, you are still not as pretty as Katy without make up.
    Make up doesn’t make someone beautiful, unfortunately it masks what makes people unique or their insecurities.
    Katy Perry dances around in next to nothing in Music Vids, she doesn’t seem like someone who is insecure, so she shouldn’t ever need to wear make up, She’s always beautiful.

  • sharayah

    No, this isn’t a good photo. But I don’t think anyone can pull off that face with/without make-up.
    It`s also not fair to compare her to her perfectly airbrushed photos, because let’s face it, it’s a lie. But she is really a naturally pretty woman.

  • Ally

    She still looks pretty!

  • Acacia

    She’s beautiful even without any make-up on:) <3
    Besides…she was also drunk when this photo was taken:P

  • parang

    Seriously? What’s with the preamble here? I once read in a magazine where she says that she feels “ugly” without makeup and she’s really grateful that brand loves her the way she is and that’s why Katy loves him too. And I admire her for being so honest. She doesn’t look bad anyway in that picture

  • Anon

    She looks absolutely beautiful and I see exactly why her husband would want to publish this. The media needs to relax, because now it is just out of control. Media messages spend so much time on finding the flaws of celebrities but HELLO, IT’S ABOUT THE ART. If you want to comment on her artistic work, that is fine, but taking it as far as caring about their personal lives is now making the MEDIA look absolutely ridicuous. YOU’RE what is ugly and YOU’RE trhe reason why women are insecure. Peace&Love.

  • stuart edwards

    Well,i disagree with most of these comment.the difference between her look with and without makeup is like comparing chocolate with shit….or she’s trying to fit russel’s giggle-stick up her arse..

  • Adam

    She still look pretty, whats the big deal??

  • None Your Beeswax

    Even if it wasn’t Katy Perry WHICH I THINK she is still beatiful.Not everyone in this world is hideous.There is not a “Sexiest” lady or man on this world.I dont care if your pretty or not.This picture is not hideous.Look at her eyes.WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!

  • Virginia

    Actually, I think she’s cute. What’s the big deal? Just proves she’s human.

  • beth

    people who say she is ugly its just sly , every girl looks different without make-up and its things like this artical that make people feel self concious , she looks amazing always !

  • Fred Erstad

    I bet if they zoomed out on this picture you might find something that looks just fabulous without make-up.

  • Laura

    everyone looks like piece of shit in the morning anyway.
    face it, with or without make up everyone still fancies her!

  • Mlakmalk


  • macy

    First off I’m gonna say I love Katy Perry! She has an amazing voice. But honestly I dont think she looks good without make up. But why do celebs have to look good all the time??? But I think she looks really different without make up. I barley recognized her.

  • the elephant that ruined russles proposal plan. got u good fucker

    Katy “Hudson” Perry obviously doesnt look as attractive here, but it looks like she just woke up in the back of a car when they were stopping at a gas station or some shit. no one would look good like that. except Garry Busey.

  • Gary Busey

    My name has one r in it, its Gary you little shit! and i don’t appreciate that implied comment that Im unattractive. if i knew who you were I’d stomp your brains out. but then Id apologize because of the elephant comment. I read that story to and thought it was funny you brought that up.

  • the elephant that ruined russles proposal plan. got u good fucker

    Gary. with one head butt o could crush your sternum.

  • crazygirl

    that’s sucks fuck you she still hot do you think that you are going to look beauty when you wake up fuck the one who post this shit and stop making fun from people monkeyy im not really from katty fans but i wont let bitch to call people with i dont know but you must respect the others go to the hell

  • Lauren

    lolz… I think whoever wrote this is probably incredibly jealous of Katy. Indeed, any human being on earth would look like this under these conditions. What most people don’t realize, is that ALL celebrities look the way they do because of makeup, lighting, clothes, and poses! But no one on earth can look super gorgeous all the time. Not even supermodels. The images we SEE are fleeting moments that take enormous time, effort, and planning.

  • Georgie Pordgie

    first off.. talent is hotness…She wouldnt be famous if not for her talent….second..not everything you see in photo gives justice to the real actual thing….People who write articles like this…are either insecure or dont have a life and write about other peoples insignificant flaws…stupid loser troll go get a life you waste of space

  • G00021

    she’s hot even without make-up . she’s really pretty. she helped the ondoy victims wearing only t-shirts and no make up on. :)) simple but very pretty. Russell brand has a nice accent.

  • Crykit

    I think she looks fine :/

  • Terry

    I still think she looks great and she isn’t even smiling.

  • jack

    I think if she go out without make-up.
    Nobody would know if she is Katy perry.

  • Colly

    You dumb ass at the begining, It is The real Katy Perry!

  • K

    Geez, are you guys even looking?
    It looks 13% O.K. noow to me, now that you told me all that.

  • Gracie :)

    Good God, what has this world come to? Poor woman got shot pulling one stupid face and now she’s not hot? She’s one of the sexiest women on this earth, and this just proves she’s human, hurrah!

  • Huh!

    I would look bad if someone posted a picture of me the moment i wake up. russle brand probably shouted SURPRISE!! she opened her eyes and bam! this picture was born. I don’t like Katy and this pic is horrible of her but hey none of the rest of us could pull off the just woke up look without some time before hand.

  • Adinda


  • vcbvcbvcb

    she is still wearing makeup any girl looks shit without makeup cause men are so use to seeing women in makeup so we have had our brains changed over the centuries of makeup but since men dont wear makeup then women dont see us as looking not as hot without makeup

  • Emily

    This is the cruelest article ever. How dare you? This woman is flawless constantly, and one picture without make up has ruined your image of her forever? Your bigotry is disgusting. I wonder what your mother would say.

  • Lisa

    I think she’s still beautiful =)

  • dude

    Chill out, people. She looks average with or without make-up. She’s not super hot or super ugly. I know at least fifty girls her age who look just like her. She’s famous because she has some degree of talent and she’s willing to sing about lesbian fantasies. NBD.

  • Sammie

    I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s mostly her facial expression..

  • james

    DAMN she is fuckin ugly

  • Will

    I’m no fanboy of Katy Perry, but it’s obvious that the only reasons this photo is unflattering is that it was taken in low-light; the camera auto-adjusted the luminance levels of the photo and failed in doing so, she’s sleepy and is making a silly expression on purpose anyways, and of course she was obviously just awoken when that photo was taken, no one looks flattering after rolling around in their sleep for the night.

  • Lil me

    She looks like Hayley Cropper from Corrie hahaha xx

  • sarinagito.com

    she’ll always be HOT!!!! with or without make up…who cares..and her facial expression and the fact that she just woke up ..erm yeah…it doesnt take a brain surgeon to do the math. katy perry RULES!!!

  • WiseManOnceSay

    She definately still looks hot, but that LED flash makes her skin look pasty ;)

  • Rhaspun

    She’s not hideous looking. But what a difference from her photos. It always amazes me when ever I see a before and after photo of women. Often times I don’t recognize whose photo I’m looking. This is a unflattering photo for sure.

  • Mr Failure

    I can believe i just read all of those comments, all of them saying ‘oh she is H.O.T or she is a true beauty, inside and out!’ I mean, get a life! Oh wait…Never mind…

  • Risa

    Guys give her a break, we all have our moments, it’s part of life, she’s only human no matter what she looks like, with or without makeup. In fact the lightings bad, she’s caught off guard, and ok, she’s has achne, but I bet half of you have 10x the amount of achne she has. Oh and note to Russell Brand, your a jerk and you don’t deserve Katy :P

    • Risa

      (Oops, I spelled acne wrong lol)

  • westcoast

    does anyone reckon she looks like the girl of paranormal?

  • dvamwh

    Thats not Katy, Katy has gray eyes, this person his green eyes. FAIL

    • velnias

      Look closer at other pictures. She has very green eyes. Also, there are colored contacts, but in every picture she has green eyes.

  • bajs

    looks like a corpse

  • aye…

    I don’t care…I just don’t like her lol. Her eyes look like they’re going fall out of their sockets everytime I see a picture of her. Also, her boobs look like theyd be real ..floppy..out of costume and they’d knock you ass unconcious mid-coitus swinging everywhere.

    Maybe some people want that though…floppy tits. I could be wrong though!

  • nat

    katy is beautiful just look @ those eyes!! ur a sorry piece of shit 4 writing that crap when she is clearly lovely.

  • Dawn

    who ever put this article up has no life honestly.. katy perry is like any normal person so stfu nd next time post something up that isnt stupid :P (fyi: katy perry rocks this world :3)

  • Melissa

    For one, that does not look like Katy Perry. Two although I personally think that it is so wrong to be judgmental toward people like this I don’t think you guys would be standing up for a girl who wasn’t famous. That’s why womens self esteems are so bad because men will pick out every wrong thing they can. They expect women to be super skinny and perfect and they can look like a fat slob. Boo to that… okay I know not all men are like that but for the most part they are…

    • Tom

      I’m pretty sure women do that to women too… don’t just blame men, sheeeesh

  • Kingdiamond

    Id be all over that shes still hot

  • Samantha

    Oh my god.. She’s human!

  • Anton

    I will still HIT that, anal of course

  • Dave

    This guy just hates Katy Perry. Thr pic makes her look like she’s just been awakened. If that’s true, she looks fine considering the circumstances. Just give her a break, you hater. No one looks perfect 24/7.

  • Jazzeei

    this seems kinda rude, dont you think?? she looks like an everyday girl. So don’t be such jealous whores!!

  • Char

    First of all, this doesn’t look anything like her.
    Second, the PICTURE itself is horrible. The lighting, the expression, the flash.
    No one would look good if a picture was taken like this.

  • Platypus Stole My Soup

    She looks like a human, you only think she looks hideous because of all magazines and models distorting our idea of beauty. Her facial expression is the only thing unflattering and that’s because she looks tired or upset. I think it was cute that Russell Brand wanted people to see her how she is.

  • Jenne

    She actually looks pretty, though her facial expression is tad weird, seriously who looks hot in that kind of lightening anyway?

  • Flounder

    Looks like a normal person


    I mean in all honesty…What woman DOESN’T look like this without their warpaint? Heidi Klum ain’t no raving beauty without makeup and neither is Cameron Diaz, or Britney Spears. And Lady GaGa…FORGET IT! It isn’t called glamor and “show” business for nothing people. Grow up…beauty is all an illusion!

  • Pamii

    This is completely ridiculous. This is outrageous, this is pathetic, do I need to say more? Of course, ANYONE who does a weird facial wouldn’t look as good as they would normally. Katy Perry is a beautiful woman, she’s a real beautiful woman. No surgery, nothing. Of course, any woman on earth wears makeup to hide little imperfection. So what? Whoever wrote this, needs to stop acting like an ass. Because they went really LOW.

  • Pete Mitchell

    She is normal, and she’s cute!
    come on if you think she’s ugly you are most definitely living in the matrix where things are not real! She’s not a robot or cyborg she’s flesh and blood like the girl next door. get a grip and try and crawl out of that fantasy of yours and start looking at people for who they really are.

  • Sarah

    well of course she’s ugly with the face she is making… <.< no one could look hot with that kind of expression on their face. nor that lighting. give her a chance.

  • Lacey

    No one is perfect. All I can say.

  • Steph

    Who looks attractive when they just woke up, in the morning, pulling a face? NO ONE! And in my opinion she is still beautiful.

  • Charlin

    What’s wrong with people!!!

    She’s a normal human, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE… What did you expect?
    Perfect hair and makeup when just woke up? -.-
    Lol… Super woman doesnt exist.


    i think she still looks pretty amazin i would do pretty much anythin to be in russell brands shoes to have a wifey like that

  • Catherine

    hi Katy is human she has no makeup big deal she is all made up and fake guys what u expect i think too much is thought of katy this pic shows shes the worst celebrity i ever seen with no make up a holy show

  • pinkie

    ugly without make up

  • qwerty

    seriously…..she’s a humanbeing like you and me…if u expected her to look like she does in her songs and such….than ur just fucking messed up and to easily fooled.

  • Dian

    everyone is not perfect
    anyway r u sure that’s her?
    in gods eyes everyone is beautiful

  • Eldergothfather

    What asshats…”proceed at your own risk”…dumbfucks….wtf do your women really look like. Real men can deal.

  • RemindsMeOfSomeone

    Oh YEAH I REMEMBER! Looks like my mum when she was younger O.O Freaky…

  • Molly

    Seriously? That picture was right when she woke up. Katy Perry is beautiful no matter what. Nobody looks perfect right when they wake up, sorry.

  • Bo

    As long as she continues to be nude in her videos she’s beautiful to me, I just won’t look at her face.

  • BOOHoo

    Thank GOD for Mabeline!

  • mark

    she got where she is by being very clever about a misleading buisness not for being “beautiful”,,,thats what make up is for!!!

  • STAN

    looks great, does yours wifes sleeping with make up? lol

  • j

    A lot of girls are naturally beautiful and pretty without any make up, this fake talentless idiot is not beautiful or pretty at all and that photo proves it.

    • Saige

      First of all, how she looks has nothing to do with her talent nor her intelligence. Secondly, you make no sense. You said a lot of girls are naturally beautiful and pretty without any makeup, but then proceed to say this photo proves she isn’t pretty? Why the hell would you say many are pretty then say the picture proves the exact opposite of what you were saying. You are probably just an overweight, ugly, bitter person.

  • dodo

    r u sure that’s her?

  • Arianna

    Anyone would look awkward in a pose/using a facial expression like that.

    What they didn’t consider is that in normal lighting with a big grin on her face, she probably looks wonderful, just a little more human. Human beings are harsh creatures l:

    It’s people who make fun of shots like these and use them to destroy a celebrity’s reputation that make women feel like they need to go into overdrive with their makeup in the first place.

  • hohoho

    I would do her anyway….

  • Dan


    But I would still hit it. LOL!!!

  • Human

    Teenage Dream:
    You think I’m pretty, without any makeup on…

  • pablo

    totally fake !

  • Eve

    She look EXACTLY like the MAJORITY of women do without makeup!! If think most women don’t look like this without makeup you sadly live in a fantasy world!!

    • me

      well…not exactly there are some pretty people in the world

  • Amber

    Ok… THAT’S HOW EVERY GIRL LOOKS LIKE WITHOUT MAKEUP! Hello! Society is just so screwed up a girl can’t even be considered being beautiful without wear a crap ton of make up.

  • angel

    she looks completely normal. This is how a lot of women look without makeup, in terrible lighting, in an awkward pose making a weird face. She probably looks beautiful with or without makeup, its not fair to show this pic and say she looks exactly like that all the time without makeup..

  • Clara

    Honestly instead of being upset about the picture she should have owned up to it and said “Yes, I have to put make up on to look like the photos in magazines and videos you see. Underneath it all I’m still an average woman. I am beautiful with or WITHOUT make up!” she could have made something positive out of this some kind of Love who you are without the make up campaign. More people (women in particular) need to realize that underneath all that makeup and perfect lighting these are normal looking people.

  • poohmagik

    Night and fn day. I never thought she was that cute, but shit, now i see. She must sit for fn hours to look just ok. Damned shes beat to hell.

  • dumm guys are dumm

    She looks fine. People are overreacting.

  • Kanon

    Oh come on, she looks fine, she just doesn’t have any makeup on. They are making a big deal over nothing, and people need to grow up.

  • Normandy

    DUMB-she looks the same

  • Angie Diego

    Katy Perry always looks ugly. Those roach-black hairs, beady eyes, plain jane features, kind of overweight, mediocre singing is just gross. When she puts on a transvestite clown wig she looks even worse.

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