Pictures: Justin Bieber Haircut

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    Justin Bieber is loved (and hated) for his hair. On Monday, he made a big change — Justin Bieber got a haircut! This is truly the haircut heard ’round the world. Check out below for Justin Bieber haircut pictures. Personally, I think he’s done well dropping the girly hairdo and going with a more manly style.

    (Update: Check out the newest Justin Bieber haircut picture!)

    According to TMZ, which covered Justin Bieber getting a haircut live, the trip to the barbershop was due to an upcoming music video. Justin Bieber’s world famous hair has been donated to charity.

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    Here are the Justin Bieber haircut pictures:

    Justin Bieber Haircut

    Justin Bieber Haircut

    Justin Bieber New Haircut

    Justin Bieber New Haircut

    Justin Bieber Haircut Picture

    Justin Bieber Haircut Picture

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      • Kitkat

        your haircut is soooooooo ugly, did you have a bad hair day?

        • leeanne

          i think it is unrelll

      • selena lopez

        wow that hair cut is not bad but you like cut

      • whitney

        i like it, i think it looks really good on him. even though i like his hair before. but seriously its not up to everyone else about his hair as long as he likes it thats great.

      • laura

        OMG its soooo cutte i love it …i hate how so many people dont like you now !!!!!!itss AMAZING ..I LIKE IT EITHER WAY!!!!!I LOVVVEEEEE UUUUU

      • Laura

        it doesnt matter wat anyone else thinks if justin likes it than his fans should like it or their not tru fans… looks AMAZIIIINNNNN!!!!i LOVVEEEEE UUU JUSSTIINNN

      • toot

        i lovee his haircut , ( and HIMM<3 ) , it looks like robert pattinson ' s hair cutt and iLOVE HIM TOO:)

      • Deanna

        about time

      • Michelle

        hahah ohh god!
        i dont think it looks that bad ‘.’
        but i realise that his hair was
        the thing that made him look all hot! lol

      • stephanie

        if your all true fans, should it really matter what hairstyle he has? he cut it for a GREAT cause, and real fans should stand by him no matter what. (:
        also, i think it looks good. makes his eyes stand out more ;)

        • nakeya

          i agree with stephanie, if u guys are true fans u should stand by him. i love the style.

      • Yolanda

        Holy……what did he do to his head!!!!!!!!

      • jinx1220

        Why do I see Gina Davis in the first picture???

      • maricar

        it’s FOR CHARITY people!! for a good cause <3 the biebs

      • taylor swift

        I think he is totaly cute anyway why wouldn’t he be he is the custest man on earth and anyone who thinks he isn’t is a wierdo

      • paulita gomez rosas

        u should haved keept ur flippy hair u looked supper hot and sexy

      • tricia

        i love your new haircut

      • Beiber Lover

        Love the haircut Justin! It really makes yr eyes sand out! It’s also good that u gave yr hair to a good cause, that shows what a good heart u have that thinks about others
        Hannah Freeze

      • Connie przybylski

        Caitlin and Lauren hate the haircut

      • Tootsie Cake

        They ruined him! Lol. I think he looks hotter. As he’s slowly maturing, he grows up and shows it. He’s looking cuter by the second! :) Luv ya Justin! I will always stand by you no matter what. <3

      • Alyssa

        That’s a hot haircut I love u Justin bieber your super cute:)

      • Mrs bieber

        I think he looks good with both so don’t be mean I hate people who don’t like him so Don’t talk bad about him that is how I fell


        why did you cut your hair to be in a movie?

      • polina

        it’s so cool your haircut you are so handsome!!!!!!!@@$$$

      • polina

        you are so sexy!!! ilove you justin!!

      • Jazmine bieber


      • ayaan latief

        hey bro u luk awesum ,in every cut actualy u have a cool face like me so u luk awesome

      • Coby

        Okay to be serious that “Justin boober” is a girl in a boys suite so Y’all already know imma hater………… So he is sooooooooooooooooooo very gggggggggaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy if y’all gotta problem email me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • jazmine

          i hate you retard you are a stupid hater ohh and fwi i think u r uglyer then him and if your a boy you look like a girl

      • Rizwan (Pakistan)

        He looks very good, thumbs up to justin over the cut………few pplz in the top are feeling jealousy……..I don’t know why :(

      • Abbi Taylor

        ILOVEYOU JUSTIN!! Your hair cut is so cute and it looks GREAT on you!!

      • SAI TEJA


      • Jocelyn

        I just love Justin but I think he should stop dating his so called girl friend I JUST THINK SHES a DICUSTING STUPID PIG.I think Justin’S HAIR cut is beautiful but I also think he should’t cut his awsome hair because alot I meen
        alot of girls like his hair so much they would stop liking him just because he got a hair cut I meen thats just plain stupid if they really loves Justin they’d stay by his side no mater what he did to his hair or himself .I THINK HIS HAIR CUT LOOKS COOL,AWSOME ,CUTE AND IT FITS HIS TYPE OF STYLE AND PERSONALITY.

      • leeannne

        i love youe hair cut its unrell nd i love u xx

      • leeannne

        i love youe hair cut its unrell nd i love u xx

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