Picture: Justin Bieber Flaunts Haircut

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    The Justin Bieber haircut has created more talk on the internet than any haircut in online history. Some Justin Bieber fans love it. Some hate it. Some say they are a Belieber in whatever Justin decides to do. Check out the picture below to see Justin Bieber flaunting his new haircut.

    In the Justin Bieber new haircut picture, the pop star is wearing dark sunglasses, a black leather jacket, a black undershirt, worn jeans and unlaced hi-tops. He also has some bling around his neck.

    Personally, I think his new look makes him look more like a lesbian than a teen heart throb … but then again, I’m not in the Justin Bieber demographic.

    Here’s the newest Justin Bieber haircut picture as he walks on the street:

    Justin Bieber New Haircut on the Street

    Justin Bieber New Haircut on the Street

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      • faith

        why would you do that ? your hair was amazing now it looks terrible i know that you are a teen icon but that have just total ruined your whole amazingly hot look WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Kendall

        OH MY GOD! he looks so sexy! who looks so much more grown up i love it. XD

      • Lindsey MML

        Dude tat was ur signature bangs y u cut it… I hav to see u look good in bangs..…..……………………………….€……………………….•

      • stephanie

        it shouldn’t matter.
        his hair, his choice.
        he could’ve went bald you know!
        if you call yourself a belieber and stuff, then you should stand by him.
        i loveee JB :)

      • Nakeya

        i love it! it suits him and he looks hot just the same. it is his choice to do what he wanted and i stand by him with his choices

      • caitlyn

        hey i know he look nice befor but i think he look’s better now and like stephanie
        said it is up to him because it is his body and if you do fancey him h and now you have stop because of his hair that is a bit harsh

      • victoria aderemi

        i really like ur hair cut both hairstyles really look good on u. 2 bad dat u dont know who i am n where im from really like ur hairstlyles. lots of love victoria aderemi

      • Justin Bieber

        You guys say that your my fans, but if you cant just except me the way i am then yall are not the kind of people i want for fans. unless you learn how to except me for who i am instead of who you want me to be. either way, even though i look ugly to some of you i love you anyway, because it’s hard not to since your my fans. love my hair, hate my hair, i don’t care. (i love all of yall, peace out).

      • Aldijana

        Dusaa mojaaa <3333333

      • Hannah-lover of Justin

        Hey Justin- just wanna say that I love you no matter what although I dooo luv yr new haircut! But I love u because yr personality is awesome, and you don’t have the kind of personality that should b juged :)
        rock on!
        Hannah Freeze

      • sizlng pices

        lv u lukng so cute….

      • yaire


      • tatiiz D bieber!!

        w0ow!!!! so cute baby !!!! the best for ever dad!!! shhhhh
        Ecuador !!!

      • Justin bieber

        I love Justin bieber and nice your pic

      • My Love He Is Justin Bieber

        Ilove Justin Bieber
        Ilooooooooooooooooooooooooove Yooooooou Justin Bieber

      • My Love He Is Justin Bieber

        Ilove Justin Bieber
        Ilooooooooooooooooooooooooove Yooooooou Justin Bieber

      • My Love He Is Justin Bieber

        Ilove Justin Bieber
        Ilooooooooooooooooooooooooove Yooooooou Justin Bieber

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