Pictures: Megan Fox Naked for Armani Commercial

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    Armani Jeans and Underwear has a new model — and it’s a beauty. Megan Fox, the stunning 24-year-old actress and model, is Armani’s choice. Check out pictures below to get a taste for what’s to come of this partnership. Included in the batch of pics is a naked Megan Fox picture! Thank you, Armani Jeans and Underwear, thank you.

    If the name Megan Fox doesn’t ring a bell, she’s the chick from Transformers. Other movies she has appeared in include Jonah Hex, Passion Play and Jennifer’s Body. Megan Fox also appeared next to Charlie Sheen in an episode of Two and a Half Men back in 2004.

    As you can see in the pictures, Megan Fox has an amazing body. She’s skinny but not too skinny. Her face is flawless and her behind is beautiful. While Megan Fox’s boobs aren’t spectacular, their size are appropriate for her body style.

    Here are the Megan Fox naked pictures:

    Megan Fox Naked

    Megan Fox Naked

    Megan Fox - Armani Jeans and Underwear

    Megan Fox - Armani Jeans and Underwear

    Megan Fox in a robe

    Megan Fox in a robe

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      • andrew

        she’s isn’t naked in the top photo. The you can the outline of the bra she’s wearing.

      • billy

        I don’t even think thats fox. unless shes had major breast reduction. Pics of her on the set of Jennifer’s Body show she has much bigger ones than this.

        • Dan

          Your right thats not fox look at the face it barley looks like her and her

      • Lori

        She most have had a boob job or something coz the size of her breast are def. different in the top photo and the second photo.

      • anon

        Geez, you think women would know when another woman is wearing a padded bra!! Don’t give all of us a bad name! Does anybody remember what your body used to look like! She’s just got an athlete’s body, with a stunning face.

      • funny

        Megan has no boobs ! I think she’s not sexy…

      • John

        The first and second pictures are obviously not of the same woman. The first one is blurry, and if it’s Megan’s face, it was PhotoShopped onto the body of someone with less abundance than Megan (the body, also, doesn’t look like what I’ve seen). I say this because I have seen the first two Transformer movies and Megan has observablely larger breasts than the woman in the first photo.
        The second photo is more in keeping with the Megan I’ve seen on screen, and I believe it to be authentic. Please note that the woman in the second photo, laying on her back, has noticeably larger breasts than the woman standing in the first picture.
        This does not happen in nature! When a woman lays on her back, her breasts tend to look smaller, not larger. Therefore, there are two different women in the two pictures.

      • General Zod

        Depending on the quality of the work, cosmetic surgeons sometimes cannot tell if a person has been surgically enhanced without a physical exam or x-ray, but there seem to be plenty of know-it-alls who can speak with authority after looking at a magazine quality low res pic on a web page. There are ways to check pictures for photoshopping, but being a know-it-all, you won’t need me to tell you how.
        You’re only looking at boobs, I looked for details. Her tattoos are visible in both pictures. Jewelry and tattoos are the most common details overlooked when someone who can’t even spel ryte tries to do something requiring a little for-thought. There are a myriad of reasons why her boobs would look so much different in each picture including inserts, padding and/or the bra itself. It is very possible for women to have a “c” or “d” cup naturally as opposed to looking like Paris Hilton. Plus the hgh in poultry, beef, and dairy has caused the average cup size to increase from “b” to “c” over the past 15 to 20 years. The advent of the internet caused the number of men using a 7″ or more weapon to jump from less than 0.1% (one 10th of 1% or less than one in every thousand) to over 80% in about 10 years.

      • kiwi

        lol u can CAN c da outline of her bra

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