Pictures: Katy Perry Ugly in Australia

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Sometimes, Katy Perry looks hot. Sometimes, Katy Perry is scary looking. (Like the infamous Katy Perry with no makeup picture.) The pop star was recently in Australia — and I must say that she was having one of her scary days. Look at the ugly Katy Perry picture below.

In the pictures, it looks like she’s wearing about 12 pounds of makeup. Her smile is fake and her facial expressions are as if she drank about 18 cans of Red Bull before the photo shoot. Oh, and her hair looks fake or something. It almost looks like she has a weave.

Katy Perry was in Australia, in the city of Melbourne, specifically, as part of her world tour. She took time to unveil her perfume, which is called Purr. As you may guess, Purr comes in a cat-shaped perfume bottle. (Or is it a Purrfume bottle?)

Update: I was emailed this picture of Katy Perry on Vanity Fair — and she’s hotter than ever! That’s great news for all of her fans around the globe. Be sure to check out the Katy Perry boobs x-ray one of our readers was able to capture from her Vanity Fair cover.

Here are the ugly Katy Perry pictures in Australia:

Katy Perry Ugly

Katy Perry Ugly

Katy Perry in Australia

Katy Perry in Australia

Katy Perry Fake Hair - Katy Perry Weave?

Katy Perry Fake Hair - Katy Perry Weave?

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  • lolseriously

    She isn’t “ugly”, these writers are pretentious and judgemental as hell.
    I seriously hope the writer get chemical burns on your face so you can be “ugly”.

  • ebee

    so you think she’s ugly without makeup and you think she’s ugly with makeup? sounds to me like you’re just a hater.

  • Sandy

    She is not ugly here, who are you to even say that?

  • JP

    I’m happy to read the other comments to this sorry excuse for an article. She just looks like a normal woman. Even the most attractive people don’t look perfect 24/7. Maybe it’s time we realize this and try to have more realistic beauty standards.

  • lexxx

    this is one of her scary days? damn! shes beautiful! i guess people like this writer have a reason to be jealous of her.

  • D.L.A

    She doesn’t look “ugly” or “scary” in any of these photos… whoever the writer is must be a hater… it was uncalled for 2 make fun of her lyke that… get a life & stop hating on people…

  • bob

    I’d hit that

  • Kingdiamond

    I wish i could get some of that ugly shes a doll who cares if she looks rough once in a while id still tap that shit.

    • Sid


  • lala

    See its people like you who are the reason why young girls today have self-esteem issues about their looks and bodies…seriously get a life!

    • The one intelligent person here

      You are writing on stupid blog… You get a life

    • The one intelligent person here is also an idiot

      Dear “The one intelligent person here”

      You just wrote on the stupid blog too so does that mean you should also be getting a life?

      Also, “You are writing on stupid blog…” The fact that you didn’t write an “a” before stupid makes you sound like a shit stained cum swallowing slut. You’re probably a fat pig who sucks major slug ass. I hope you get raped by a huge fat fuck with a sharp cock and has AIDS. I bet your mom was fisted when she was pregnant with you which is why you’re such a fucking faggot now.

  • lala

    See its people like you who are the reason why young girls today have self-esteem issues about their looks and bodies, always judging no matter what. The expectations and standards we have for women and young girls appearances today are so ridiculous that its heart breaking, its no wonder why so many woman suffer from eating disorders and self-esteem issues…seriously get a life! A woman isn’t perfect but she is beautiful because of who she is not what she looks like…personalities last while looks fade away.

    • who the fuck are you to say standards are too high?

      Whats wrong with having high standards? It helps separate the weak from the strong, the ugly from the attractive. Those girls that think standards are too high can let it go if they feel that way, and be happy spending the rest of their life with a guy just as ugly as herself. I just hope they dont reproduce and litter this planet with their own disgusting offspring. If you think its “heart breaking” get with the fucking program of ever improving life – that means technologically, aesthetically, etc. So you can tell whoever you want to not care what they look like, but you’re doing them a great disservice and fucking up their life by ensuring they never find someone attractice or successful to be with.

    • Mojo

      Lala is right and the guy who posted before me is a complete horses ass. Looks are not everything and say whatever you want about me because it means nothing because you dont know me but “Ugly” people breeding with “Ugly” people do not make “Ugly” offspring. Each person carries genes in their body that has the pass on to their kids which has the potential to make them “Ugly” or “beatiful” which is a steriotype. “Ugly” and “Beautiful” changes to person to person so its never the same. Yes men are attracted tot eh hot self centered bitches of the world because we see them unatainable, but in the end we also know they are not mate material in the long run because they are shallow and self centered. so in the end it comes down to personality, if she is hot and a good person ( Like katy perry is) she will be sought after by most men in the world which this blog response prooves, which also means it was also prolly writen by a woman. anyways haters can kiss my ass and those of you out there who know whats up peace out.

  • savannahbree10

    shes beautiful shes not ugly — HATERS

  • zareen khan

    isnt she soo ugly and lokz the way she acting… weakie weak up!!!

  • Zuke

    Hm, my only question is as to whether or not the author, if he really truly believes what he’s saying, has ever thought about maybe visiting a gay bar and experimenting with that for a little while; cause I’ll be honest, although perhaps not every single person 100% of the time would say she’s like, the hottest woman on earth, you still remain pretty much the only man I’ve ever heard even suggest that she’s “ugly”. That leads me to believe that perhaps the issue is that you just aren’t attracted to women and should give men a go, cause if you believe she’s ugly I seriously doubt you’ll ever be happy with any woman ever.

    • Mojo

      it was prolly written by a woman…onlything that makes sense here besides your theory lol.

  • ohmygod

    she doesnt even look the tiniest bit ugly! she is so beautiful, and just because theres a photo of her not wearing makeup, doesnt mean she still isnt gorgeous. if you have to wear makeup to be pretty, then soctiety is ugly as hell.

  • Latin111

    Hi, every body know that most of the singers, actors starts are ugly why? first lips, eyebrow bot ox etc you name. Due that they get well pay can do a lot of maker over surgeries and fix all they wanted till to point that one day everyone getting old, of course they don’t care at list getting pay, and that is fact. In other hand we have publicity and seriously they should be a bit more honest to public we all that fake pictures which is not help the new generation actually depressing them. Is there a few actors and other starts keeping that pure and natural processing of life, more than 89% of the human population do it. Can you imaging everybody wanted to be actor, singer, models, skin surgery, bloody politicians and starts who can do the job at list to keep the this beautiful world alive

    • Jesus

      Use proper grammar! Idiot.

    • Grammar Police

      Yeah, because you’re a shining example of how to write well. Using insults as one word sentences shows us so much when it comes to the grammatical structure of our language. That’s the easiest thing anyone can do by writing a one word sentence so if you want to play English Professor then show us some real skills you fucking ball sack.

  • StephenKerseyTakesItUpTheSh1tter

    Why do I keep getting links to this f*ckstick’s blog everywhere I go? I wouldn’t mind if he actually had one correct opinion on something, but Jesus, not one!

    She’s been voted FHM World’s Sexiest Woman 2011. This, coupled with all these comments just goes to show you’re in the minority.

    I’m sure she’s crying over her millions because of this p*ss-poor excuse for a blog though.

  • TR

    Really? She gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    She’s ugly… since a very long time ago!

  • meysam

    she is still cute…

  • bitcchh.

    i absolutely hate katy perry, and even i can admit she is a pretty girl. even in these pictures, she is still pretty. so no she was not lying to her fans for a long long time about being ugly, if that were the case, by me wearing makeup i myself am also lying to the world about me being ugly… so that was kinda stupid.. LOL but what she is lying to her fans about are her boobs, come on… dont tell 7 different radio stations 5 different sizes that your boobs are… make up your mind, even in pictures. are her boobs big, small, normal ?? they never look the same in ANY picture… and when they do look the same, shes wearing a corset which naturally pushes girls boobs up.. so we all know, her boobs are not what everyone thinks they are.. lol

  • thickboy

    She’s soooooo sexy it is silly.

  • Jesus

    My beer goggles need beer goggles! She was never hot you idiots, the media just convinced you pathetic sheep she was and now you are blogging about the most stupid thing on a website no one will ever willingly visit. Get some lives! Seriously.

  • Robert Salmon

    I’m sixty years old, and much to my adult daughters surprise, I love Katy Perry and her music, I think she’s a cutie and has a lot of talent, so go crawl back under your rock.

  • TakeAPicItWillLastLonger

    Katy Perry is beautiful, yes her hair does look a bit ‘wig like’ in the photos, but she doesn’t look that way in person, I have met her and I’m a fan. I personally think those pictures are completely photoshoped. The skintone doesn’t match the kneck, and it always looks even in basically every photo I’ve seen.

    Also I must comment critically. I’m not being a hater just giving constructive critisism.
    A legitimet blog/online paper doesn’t call commenters idiots, or speaks in a manner like a complete hater as if there was nothing else to do in their life. Just saying =I

    [I apologize for my poor grammar if there is any, I don't spell check, and i type quite quickly]

  • Luis

    wow…. these writers are quite idiotic… that is all.

  • mic

    If its a guy, he’s a fag if its a dame, she jealous

  • joyyy

    woooow, this is so fucked up, katy perry is so far from ugly. just because she wears a weave & makeup ? uhm doesn’t everybody, these days ? you know, its amazing how low these writers will go to make a quick buck.

    good job, guys. you did awesome..

  • cg

    Perhaps she’s desperately jet lagged and trying to make the most of it?

  • El Ronbo

    You travel about 12 time zones and then see if you have a little trouble looking fresh and awake in the middle of the day.

  • Krickithy

    Ok Katy Perry is my idol she is NOT ugly at all she is the most gorgeous girl in the universe. She is beautiful with or without make up! she lies abut her breast size most likely from the pressures of the being a celebretey because with most perverts they comment like “Whos looking at her face?” so she probably thinks if peole dont think her boobs are good enough then she wont be good enough. i personnaly could care less whether katy is gorgeous (which she is) or ugly (which shes not) or whether she have big boobs or not i love katy perry because she is my inpiration and my role model. she shouldnt cre about the haterz because she has plenty of KatyCats that will help her threw anything. shes probly better looking then the person who wrote this crap! Her hair ISNT fake in any of these photos of course its fake when shes wearing like blue wigs! duh! its for fun.

  • Maisie

    How on earth is katy perry ugly?!

  • Stever

    I don’t care what you say. She is still HOT!!!!

  • Wow.

    Actually, I do agree that Katy Perry is ugly. Not because of her features , but because she is extremely fake. I would say the same about anyone else wearing gallons of makeup and a massive push-up bra, so no offense is intended toward her natural features.
    @lolseriously: You honestly wish for this author too get chemical burns on their face? You are an incredibly horrible person. I’d bet you wouldn’t have the nerve to throw the acid, but who knows, maybe psychos like you have no consciences.
    @ebee: The author was saying that Katy wears too much makeup to the point where it is ugly, not that she is ugly in normal amounts of makeup.
    @StephenKerseyTakesItUpTheSh1tter: You can’t base people’s opinions by the number of comments on a blog post. Readers tend to comment when they disagree with the content of the article. You have a very classy username, I’d like to add.
    @Zuke: Perhaps he doesn’t like how incredibly fake she is? I’m sure the author would be happy with a more natural woman. There is no need to question his sexuality, that was incredibly uncalled for.
    @lala: You are actually 100% wrong. The root of girls’ self-esteem issues would be people like Katy Perry. By making themselves look fake, the natural-looking women feel less beautiful.
    @Sandy: It is a blog. He is the author. He can say whatever he wants.

  • Patches

    They serious? Haha

  • hellen

    who the hell wrote this cus its a load of rubbish. shes gourgeous and anyone who thinks shes not needs to get a grip. then people wonder why teenage girls are so insecure and are turning to surgery to feel happier about them selves.

  • Assssssfucker

    wow ugly? you fucking serious dude, you guys are fucking judgemental as fuck, she looks fine

  • BMLT

    Katy Perry’s ugly no matter what so it doesn’t matter we should agree to disagree

  • Wft Are You Talking About

    lol @ all these people saying she has no make up in these photos. penciled in eyebrows, lipstick, foundation… she looks to be wearing a crap load of makeup. and yes, she’s ugly; has been since the first fly-by-night so called “hit”. The music is even crappier than her face, just like lady gaga. Make millionaires out of these idiots then complain about the economy; lmfao what failures! Perry looks like a starved Ethiopian to boot. Anyone saying that because you find a person like her unattractive must mean you’re gay is just a closet mongoloid molester themselves. They are the people that “say” everyone has an opinion, but then cry like little bitches when it’s not THEIR opinion that’s the focus. Get a life, nooberton.

  • Sarah

    Anyone with eyes can see that she’s not “ugly” on this picture at all. There are people wishing they look like her even on this pic (*psst* I think one of them is the writer of this article). Maybe she was tired, maybe she really didn’t feel like being there posing with a perfume bottle, she’s only human *shrugs*. My only real question is: Who actually allowed this ridiculous article to be printed???

  • Cole

    she doesnt look ugly at all you bitch. the person who wrote this should BURN IN HELL! ill kill you. katy perry hot and here too so fuck off!!!

    • This person just makes me laugh

      This is hilarious. I absolutely love how offended people get JUST because the author called some random person YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IN REAL LIFE ugly. She clearly is not an ugly person, but just for holding a differing view as yall the author should “burn in hell”? who the fuck are you to decide that. Its called freedom of fucking speech. You’re the kind of person i would shit if I ever saw you, and based on your comment, youre probably not going very far in life with this Neanderthal attitude…

    • You made me laugh harder

      This is hilarious. I absolutely love how offended you get JUST because some random person said this author YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IN REAL LIFE should BURN IN HELL. He’s clearly a massive douche, and holds a troll-tastic view of Katy Perry designed to get people’s back up, but you still jump to his aid like he’s going to suck you off for it. Who the fuck are you to decide people can’t argue about Katy Perry? It’s called freedom of fucking speech. You’re the kind of person I would shit ON if I ever saw you. Based on your comment, you’re not going very far in life missing all those apostrophes…

  • i hate this author

    if that’s considered ugly, then she must be a really pretty girl . these pictures of her are STUNNERS !

    • Seth

      Yeah she’s really pretty I GUESS if you were living in Wyoming or some shit!! That wouldn’t work as pretty here in FL lololol and DEF. not in CALI or somewhere larger!!! Lolz

  • Andy

    That is defiantly not a ugly/scarry picture of her, she isn’t ugly at all people need to realize her without makeup is the real Katy Perry…

    • Seth

      Thanks for pointing that out Sir Obvious that this is her w/o makeup Haha….SHE’S fucking UGLY w/o the makeup!! Not even the hottest thing WITH makeup, but not bad. Looks like a god damn DUDE w/o it!!! I rather beat it everynite then be married to something like that lololololololol XD

  • Seth

    Ewwww!!! …A few of u guys seriously think someone can’t get THAT??!! LOLZ!!! She looks like a fucking DUDE!!!!! GTFO! I’m glad Russel Brand leaked this…fake as FUCK lolz :X

  • AndyDwyer

    I’m betting this Stephen Kersey is a just a pen name, and the real identity of the author is Ke$ha’s biggest fan, as seen here:

  • Stephen Pinto…Tampa

    This is a clear-cut example of a writer taking things too far. Hollywood and its many offspring are held to some crazy unrealistic standard of beauty that noone can live up to 24/7. The many comments I see hrer do support my view. Refreshing to see that many others share in that same view.

  • Rebecca Avila

    I think everyone needs to shut up and mind their own damn business. Who cares how much makeup Katy Perry wears OR what size her boobs are. Just change the channel or change the radio station and move on with your life.

  • DREA

    I love how everyone on here is ass kissing katy perry… she does too look like CRAP in these photos… for whatever reason. LMAO… you dont have to brown nose her all the flippin time guys! :)

  • ~M~

    I wouldn’t say she’s fake…yeah she wears a lot of make-up, show me a female celeb that doesn’t? And I don’t think all the “sexiest woman of the year” awards help, it makes her feel more pressure to be absolutely gorgeous all the time.

    However, even looking back at pictures of her before she was famous, she was still beautiful. Inside and out.

    In this picture, she was seriously jetlagged – “After 1 latte, 3 espresso’s and a dose of vitamins I am still crashing like a redwood #FUjetlag (straight from her Twitter account, April 27th), her hair probably looks fake just because of the heat and humidity that Australia has that her American hair isn’t used to, and you can tell that there is a lot of make-up around her eyes to hide her tiredness.

    She is not, nor ever will be ugly. And even if she was, does it matter? She is an inspiration to many people, including me, stemming more from her true inner beauty than her (still gorgeous) exterior.

  • linn

    It´s so sad to read articles like this one. How is it ok to write about how ugly someone is? It makes me happy to see that other readers also react.

  • Cam

    In response to: “Update: I was emailed this picture of Katy Perry on Vanity Fair — and she’s hotter than ever! That’s great news for all of her fans around the globe. Be sure to check out the Katy Perry boobs x-ray one of our readers was able to capture from her Vanity Fair cover.”

    Ok, so she looks hotter than ever in the new photo, whatever. That isn’t “great news” for her fans, because her fans probably only care about her MUSIC as opposed to how she looks on any given day? Seriously, you think all her fans care about is how good she looks? She’s a musician, not a model…

  • soulsistah

    how the hell is she ugly?? seriously. stop sippin on that hateraid.

  • EyeCandyMandy

    Haha, totally exaggerating. So she’s wearing to much make up… all her face feature’s are still perfect. I’d like to see what the person that posted this article looks like. LOL!

  • Jane

    Can we see a photo of the author please?

  • Kristen P.

    Wow, that isn’t a weave. Her hair is braided at the front, stupid writer! And she’s beautiful, make-up or not.

  • JayPrizzy

    Katy Perry is DAMN sexy, shut up.

  • Jesi

    She looks really gorgeous in the 2nd picture, but seriously she’s still gorgeous as can be even if she takes a few bad pictures.

  • This person just makes me laugh

    She literally looks like a dude. There are so many people like her that if they weren’t famous and had professionals looking after every aspect of their appearance – cosmetics, hair, clothes, tanning – they would look uglier than most of the girls I hang out with at college parties. Ya’ll need to stop giving her more credit than she deserves. She’s a talented musician, but if she were just a regular person I passed in the hallway on the way to class, I wouldn’t give her the time of day.

  • Jake

    …..Wait what? A woman has an off day, or simply takes a bad photo (where she’s still prettier than anybody I know personally) and you can throw the word ugly around? Grow up.

    I will admit that her facial expressions in these photos a bit…. strange. It’s still a pretty girl who just happens to have a weird look on her face.

  • miranda/kyle

    well lets face this im trans i and ya im ugly she aint ugly she is very pretty if u judge people when they dont have makeup on i actually hate makeup i think she is more beautiful without because shes all natural natural people who actually care about the world are BEAUTIFUL if u have a problem with that suck my dick and yes im geting the surgery duhhhh andn nyes im getting hormone treat ment so yes i will get boobs and i know im ugly but the person on the insid eof me is beautiful

  • sidney – Canada

    seriously people who gives a f–k what they look like use have never had a bad hair day noooooooo hae its not what they look like but what comes out of there mouth and lately music is getting better not so childish anymore. keep up the good work. Not that entertainers worry about us Canadians anyway just our money

  • Amy

    How the hell is this ugly?

  • Amy

    How the hell is this ugly? You guys need some eye checkups or something because she’s absolutely beautiful in these pictures.

  • Jassy

    Ok, so if this a girl posting this, she is defo jealous of her coz she IS a pretty girl, or if its a guy, he has really really high standards of wat ‘a beautiful girl’ is… like honestly, wat is wrong with these pics? Does everyone wake up with perfect skin with no makeup and their hair is perfectly straight or curled? Like honestly, she looks fine, I admit she has defo had better pictures taken of her but she is still a really pretty girl. Atleast shes not like a Lindsey Lohan where she is never sober, never drug free, constantly goes to jail, gets lip injections which she now looks like a fish. Honestly if people say she is not pretty, then every other normal looking person out there will b called and classified as f**kin ugly. Its wat is on the inside anyways. People should really lower their standards on appearance because its pathetic.

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