Pictures: Pippa Middleton’s Legs and Butt

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    Pippa Middleton continues to keep getting rave reviews for her looks at her sister’s Royal Wedding. The 27-year-old’s body was definitely hot — especially her legs and her butt. While Kate Middleton became the princess, Pippa Middleton became a superstar. Check out Pippa Middleton’s legs and butt in the pictures below.

    Pippa Middleton’s butt was at its best when she was bending over to lift Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Her tight, white dress really showed off her assets well. Many are saying she outshined her sister at her wedding. I have to agree.

    Here are the pictures of Pippa Middleton’s legs and Pippa Middleton’s butt:

    Pippa Middleton's Ass

    Pippa Middleton's Ass

    Pippa Middleton Butt

    Pippa Middleton Butt

    Pippa Middleton Legs

    Pippa Middleton Legs

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      • prustage95

        Stephen, do your parents know you are using their computer? Isn’t it time for bed?

      • Jay

        Quite definitely the lamest internet posting. Ever.

      • ******

        stupid anybody think that’s funny

        • Shado

          Ya … it’s freakin’ hysterical … thank god something was after the boring blah, blah, blah of yet another over-the-top-who-really-gives-a-crap pomp and circumstance wedding that is already as forgotten as the stubbed toe a few people got getting up at such a gawd-awful time in the morning to watch yet more celebrities give a ‘queen’s wave’!
          *rolls eyes in wonderment*

      • psdw82

        meant to be spicy…

      • Hello

        That’s a nic ass DAMB I wasnt ther

      • WT

        It looks very flat to me… :/

      • EstaLucy


      • JN

        Butt?? Where???

      • qtwitabooty

        uhhh yeah thats a pretty damn FLAT ass i agree. nice dress and shes got an okay figure but i think she needs to see a doctor causes shes got that disease, y’know that disease? i forget the name of it…oh yeah its called noassatall…c’mon if your gonna say someones got a great ass look to the latina ladies! I’m not saying they are the ONLY ones with great ass but they put up some stiff competition

      • danny

        what a cry babies you are, yeh it cost millions yeh its over the top,
        but they have done more for this country and raising cash for people which are in deep shit, WHAT HAVE YOU LOT DONE !!!!! NOTHING BUT CRY !!!!!!

      • As if you care

        I think the Royal Wedding and Pippa were truly amazing to watch and I wish them all the BEST in this Crazee Stupid Selfish world we all live in… I love the Royal Family and for what they stand for… I have seen Prince Charles & Lady Diana wedding and till date think that Princess Diana was God Chosen Angel to Britain. I also appreciate God’s Creations… but look at how people cant be nice to anyone…

      • William Bouten

        That’s one fine piece of ass!

        I bet a lot of seminal fluid have flowed over these pics. I know mine has…

        • Todd

          Every hetrosexual male who stares at Pippa’s arse would be sporting an erection.

        • A


        • Todd

          Every hetrosexual male on the planet who stares at Pippa’s arse would be quickly sporting an erection.

        • Todd

          Every straight male on the planet who stares at Pippa’s arse would be sporting a stiffy pretty much instantly.

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