Picture: Osama Bin Laden Dead!

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    America, F Yeah! Osama Bin Laden is dead. Following a United States military operation that sounds like it was directly out of the movies, Americans are now in possession of Osama Bin Laden’s dead body. The man behind 9/11 and the man known as the world’s worst terrorist is no longer alive. We got emailed what is supposedly a Osama Bin Laden dead picture. Check it out below — but warning, it’s graphic.

    President Obama has confirmed Osama Bin Laden’s death. Hopefully this will be closure for all the families who lost loved ones at the hands of his evil planning. At the very least, the world is a safer place going forward.

    Government officials are debating whether or not to release the official Osama Bin Laden death photo. Until then, here’s an unofficial version of a picture of Osama Bin Laden dead:

    Osama Bin Laden Dead Picture

    Osama Bin Laden Dead Picture

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      • Tom

        Easily fake. Confirmed that he was shot in the fore-head above his left eye.

        • Arwa


        • joker

          Arwa, His FOREHEAD! So think again.

      • Nooran

        are you sure this is’nt photoshopped?

        • bill

          This is absolutely photoshopped, as well as the other one they released, look how small the persons head it, his face is superimposed, badly…

      • Tori


        • Randy

          You a re an IDIOT!!!!!!!!

        • earthy

          i second the idiot comment

        • joker

          Also, Dick Cheney stated in a 2006 interview with Tony Snow that he and Bush never made a case that Osama was responsible for 9-11, because the only evidence turned out to be bad intelligence. Go look it up, schmucks.

        • Wyatt

          all of u people who think the govt. is responsible for 9/11 are evil. u are trying to tell the families of those who lost their lives that the people who r running their country killed thousands of people just to go after 1 man, u r traitors to ur country and u deserve to be shot

        • Jesus M.Burgos

          tori if the explosives knocked down the towers than how big were they ?

        • It’s true

          To suggest or to believe that 9/11 was an inside job does not make one ignorant, nor a traitor. It most certainly does not indicate that those poor lives lost on 9-11 were worthless or meaningless. On the contrary, it makes those poor, dear souls much more pitiable, because it was their own compatriots that were involved in their horrible and unimaginable deaths. No, it does not make a “truther” a traitor, it means not taking the placebo being fed to us by those that say “You’re an idiot!” and “I second the idiot comment” Could we not all agree in this: “I love my country, but don’t trust my government.” ???

        • Booboo

          No, you are not an idiot. You are dead on right. Anyone who calls you an idiot is ignorant and believes everything they hear from their Government and the news. That is the true definition of an idiot. You bought what you were sold. Even though all sides have their own agendas, Govt and theorists, the hard fact is that there are way more facts that support inside job than the Govts story. Do the research or continue to be a spoonfed dumba*s. It does not make one a traitor to not believe your Government. It makes you an American to be concerned about those who run our nation who are out for personal agenda at any cost. It is a dangerous worlds we live in and terrorists live among us. They even smile at you on the TV while selling you a lie.

        • Donnie

          Osama Bin Laden was certainly on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list for many acts of violence, but not a word about 911. Checked out the FBI website personally to make sure. Hmmm….

        • Kristine

          Bin Laden was having brunch with the Bush’s when 9/11 happened, oh me bad, after he finished reading to the children they met up for martinis, shaking not stirred. ASSHOLES

        • Darin

          Exactly! why do you think George Bush (the idiot he is) didn’t freak out and leave when he found out? because he knew! plus 2 of the accused people were at home when the saw their names all over television so stick that in yo pipe and smoke it ;)

      • RaulJones

        That’s even worse than the old fake one. At least put some effort into it.

        • Sallie Stepp

          You’re all idiots! The U.S. will not release photo!

      • Joseph Blough

        Sadly, the image is another Photoshop smudge/blur fake. I found the photograph the supposed postmortem photo was derived from. I’m sure the Obama administration will release some of the actual photos. My hope is that the release of the genuine photos will provide some comfort to those who lost someone dear to them on 9/11. Unfortunately, there will be no true closure.

      • Jomama

        This is clearly fake. The official report states that Osama was hit above his left eye shattering part of his skull.

      • V

        This is clearly photoshopped he was supposibly shot on the head (forehead) and he looked nothing like this, He is not dead! they need to show the pictures! We believe he is not dead and its all a scam

        • Sallie Stepp

          Not a scam. And yes he was shot in the head and he is dead. Do we really need proof?

      • Sallie Stepp

        Of course its fake you idiot!!!! The U.S. has not released photo for fear of what it could do to our children to see such a photo plastered all over the front page of every publication in the world! Don’t be so stupid!

        • Stentor

          Oh, won’t someone think of the children! You’re a moron Sallie, as if children are these fragile little beings that can’t stand to see a picture of a dead Arab.

      • d

        LOL, it took Obama 2 years to produce a birth certificate (enough time to forge one and cover all the loose ends) what makes you think they will release the photos anytime soon? He needs more time to drum up some more fake evidence.

        • Stentor

          You’re an idiot and a moron.

      • dolores bright

        If Obama says he’s dead he most likely is not! Just a ploy to get reelected in2012! Don’t believe ANYTHING Obama says! Isn’t it convenient they buried him supposedly at sea! ha ha! At least we saw Saddam Hussein’s real corpse! Bush was up front about it! not playing games “burying him at sea” BS!

        • Stentor

          Dolores, you’re a moron, the reason they buried bin Laden at sea was to keep from happening what happened when Hussein was buried in his hometown. Just a ploy, are you really that stupid? If it was just a ploy, why not wait until August of 2012?

        • i call bs!!

          u truly r an IDIOT!!… i dislike obama just as much as the next man…but reelcetion isnt for another YEAR!!!! more than enough time for obama to kill his public ratings…he really dsnt even need a day!!!


        Bin Laden – comic book bad guy for the feeble minded
        Al Qaeda – CIA code word for an Afgan operation, not a group of people
        9/11 – a staged pretext for an illegal war
        Jesus – a mythological figure that entertains the feeble minded with “salvation” from themselves

        • ΑΝΤΩΝΙΟΣ


        • Jesus M.Burgos

          This is for urallfnstupid don’t add Jesus to the equasion because he much real than what you think you can say what you want about 9/11 but don’t add Jesus to the your theory.

        • ben

          ΑΝΤΩΝΙΟΣ, check out the new Zeitgeist, the first one certainly had errors but not the new one.

      • Steve

        Gee, all these fakes and photoshops, maybe he really isn’t dead after all.

      • Abbot-Abad-Pakistan

        haha, what US government can do more then Osama Fake Killing. US is trying to escape from Afghanistan, thats why they pretended to kill the imaginary Bin Laden, where there is no prove of his death. What if Obama said hes dead, still there is no Evidence of killing Bin Laden. US Govt is trying to blind US people…. Nothing more, if someone want to know more truth, just reply to my post.


        • you are welcome

          It’s time for a little dose of reality.You are clearly the only one that is blinded. AMERICA not only proved that they are the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, they exposed pakistan for being such a weak and incompetent country. The people of pakistan should be ashamed.

        • reaper

          tell me more….

        • real american

          How can you prove he isnt dead? Where is your proof? If your gonna say hes not dead you should atleast be able to PROVE IT!

      • Mikaela

        Your all idiots

        • anona

          This would be more poignant if it was grammitically correct.

      • America

        That’s what happens bin laden when you pull on super mans cape

      • America

        Anybody suggesting that bin laden is still alive is clearly IGNORANT.

      • bob

        laden is not dead he was part of a plot to start a war with saddam hes alive and well with pastic surgery they have to make us think hes dead he worked close with our on government to do what they did

      • camel01

        My name is Matthew Ahee my uncle, Corp. Walter B Howard was killed in this war and the reason he even went over there was to personally see to it that the American lives that were lost over recent years were not lost in vein. I hope that the real photos are released so that all can see the mighty Osama Bin Laden was nothing more than a sick individual, trying to push his own twisted beliefs upon others, and taking innocent lives in the process!! A shot to the forehead was not enough in this Americans eyes!!!! I think that both him and sadam should have been publicly hanged to show that people will not tolerate terrorists or terrorism any longer.

      • kate

        i think these photos r fake looking!

        • Stentor

          I think your tits are fake looking.

      • Recoil

        Unfortunately if they did kill him then one can only wonder why they killed an unarmed man that they could have brought to trial and made pay for his “crimes”.
        I anxiously await the day that the world governments will adhere to complete transparency and let the world know whats really going on.Enough with all of these lies and smoke screens that they put up to blind everyone.
        If Bin Laden was guilty then fine he deserved it but if he wasn’t then another sad injustice has been done.I feel sorry for all of the innocent victims of any war or act of terrorism.They are victims of cowardly acts by people who think too highly of their causes.

        • Really?

          Umm so if they just fired a Hellfire missile into the building and killed him its not murder? Whats the difference? I would of killed him had he moved a single finger thinking he had a suicide vest on which he has threatened to use if ever confronted or caught. Dont be a moron, you were not there. IF he was guilty? He admitted how many times moron?

        • Reaper

          Osama Bin Laden, ex CIA,(yes he was recruited and trained by the CIA) went rogue – became most wanted terrorist and now dead?? Think about it if I had damning evidence on the government don’t you think they would kill me to to just so that the truth would never come out……

      • LadyKryten

        For those of you who think that our Gov. did all of this, maybe you should leave this country. If you aren’t proud of where you live and can’t stand behind the power that is placed, go somewhere else. I’m not saying that I like or dislike our government, but none the less I AM AN AMERICAN!! If they say he is dead, then he is dead. Next you will want the to peoduce Hitlers body, or maybe they are both chillin’ in Jamaica with Tupac? Get a grip people. I come from a military family and have lost at least 5 friends to this war. Have some respect.

      • Danishshaikh

        Salam too All my friends Hey I am Danish from Karachi, Pakistan By the way Kate this is not fake photo i think this is real picture Osama Bin Laden He is Dead

      • Satan

        Perfect. I see my plan is working. Keep believing in the “truth”and “official” stories. YES! You may believe anything the news tells you! Never question authority. Repeat the following daily. “My government officials do not lie, they always tell the truth. My government would do nothing to harm it’s citizens. Everything will be ok, I will not worry about terrorists, my god will protect me.
        Oh, and please don’t forget…I DON’T EXSIST….I’m simply an old fairytale.

      • Aldo

        Real photo of the pig will show the head split open, not just an hole! :)

      • james

        Loose Change! ROFLMAO! What a piece of absolute garbage! Nothing more than a mediocre college boy, anti capitalist production….and let’s not forget when the architect of the towers came forward to take apart the movie’s claims piece by piece, they went back, changed some of their facts, and got Charlie Sheen to narrate the new version! Well we all know what a stable, thinking man he is!
        Jesus! All you conspiracy theorists, just get a clue. If you actually open your closed minds you’ll see there was no conspiracy whatsoever.
        sure Bush was a moron, Cheney a whack job. So you’re telling the American people people like these masterminded the destruction on that day…just to get Sadaam…or Iraqi oil? The oil never stopped flowing prior to 9/11. Was the intel on Sadaam wrong? you bet. Can’t deny that.

      • That one guy

        I think that Bin Laden is dead. Your choice whether to believe or not.

      • Aceh Sumatra Boy

        Obama is the real terrorist… go to hell and fuck with that bullshit news… I hope Obama will killed by an accident… fuck America, fucking Israel, suck asshole all of them… to American FBI motherfucker, kill me too if you can… Mahzil, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

      • TruthIsOutThere


        If you do a little research, it quickly becomes apparent that the US government has proclaimed Osama to be dead no less than 9 times. Witnesses are now appearing that indicate that Osama has been dead for almost 10 years. This announcement is just a stunt to get Obama’s tanking popularity back up in preparation for 2012.

      • al

        I prefer the first fake. :)

      • al

        Anyway, that’s clearly Saruman the Great , not Osama!

      • 1hundred

        You thick yank fucks think some lone arab trained by you could be responcable for 9/11? then your more a bunch of cunts than your lying goverment,Bin Laden only said what traiters your shit country is,and he was translated by your stupid fuckhole,get an arab to tell you what shit your place tells you,And now justice is done?,how about all the children killed in this war on terror?….How about there justice.

      • Joseph Yassem

        BURN USA!

      • dodger.fan

        its about time. now that one domino fell the rest are bond to fall. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

      • dodger.fan


      • Calvin

        If you think 9/11 was an “inside job”… I have a question for you. Have you read the 9/11 commission report? Do you really think that little college brat and his friends that made “Loose Change” would still be breathing and able to even finish his movie before the government, which he makes out to be some super 1984 Gestapo, found out about it?

        Although I don’t agree with some of the ideas Obama has for this country, his birth certificate is legit. The only reason people bring it up is because he’s black. It’s never been brought up with any other president. You really think all the people responsible who processed him into the office and investigated his history were all in his favor?

        Why would we lie about getting Osama? We could have lied about it 10 years. Sure, I’m proud for Obama, he did a great job getting Bin Laden, but it’s not changing my vote.

        Use your fucking brains. Or do you just like to blindly support the fuckers that spread conspiracies and lies to the detriment of our country for their own personal gain in riches? I wonder how much money Michael Moore made of Fahrenheit Pieceofshit/11? Who’s the real war profiteer?

      • Blair

        To all the people who can’t believe the government. My office managers husband is the capten of the she they dumped him off of. He’s dead. That’s what that bastard gets for knocking down the towers and killing my uncle.

      • niko

        rot in fucking hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • TJ

        Did anyone notice that in the picture he still has his Turban( or whatever they call them) on. I don’t think that he would still be wearing if he was shot in the head as they say.

      • asma kami

        this is totally fake. osama is not dead

      • asma kami

        osama is not dead. its fake

      • Bristoleum

        Fact is the world watched as that bastard’s “masterpiece” tore our country’s sense of security and pride asunder. The world watched as thousands of Americans were burned, crushed, and fell to their horrifically premature deaths. They televised his flawless execution of countless innocents. The idea that the leaders of our nation don’t want his corpse to be seen for fear of retaliation is f*****g humiliating. If the real picture is ever released I’m going to have it copied onto my 96 Range Rover and dare anyone to tell me they are offended by the sight of a mass murderer’s corpse. If retribution has been delivered, prove it to those who need reassurance.

      • NewsCollective

        The man who spread terror and held the world to siege is dead, but the war on terrorism will continue

      • Shae

        why are you all calling each other idiots? does it make you feel better to tell pepole that their stupid and ignorant? Will putting people down make 9/11 go away? will calling each other idiots make what you say true? everyone has their own opinions
        remember, not everything is true and i dont belive that the Obama administration will release the photos so i don’t belive it untill i see proof

      • Chuck

        This photo seems to be legit, it’s Osama Bin Laden in a body bag on what it seems an Autopsy:


      • real american

        All those who say he is not dead where is your proof? If your gonna comment and say hes not dead you should be able to PROVE IT then right? Thats right you cant so how can you say he is alive when YOU DONT KNOW!

        • Bristoleum

          Pretty sure thats everyone’s point…. Prove it

        • Ben

          If neither person can actually prove he is dead, then neither is entirely right. You have absolutely no proof, and I have absolutely no proof. Both your opinion and my own are based upon assumptions. Yours being that you trust the what the government says. Mine being that the government has lied plenty of times in the past and that I would not doubt that they would lie to us again.

      • Frank

        First of all, the picture is out of focus. second, it looks like Photoshopped.

      • army girl


        • Ben

          I respect the fact that you wish to serve your country in an honorable way, as I respect the fact that numerous members of my family have been in various wars to support America. Some even on both sides of the Civil War, and just a few in the Revolution.
          However, I find what you have to say to be somewhat ignorant. The truth is, Osama did not create terror in this country. What of Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Tojo and Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Josef Stalin and Nikita Kruschev of the USSR during the 1950s, Mao Tse-Tung of China and Lenoid Brehznev of the USSR in the 1960s, the Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Khadafy of Libya during the 1980s, Saddam Hussein of Iraq during the 1990s? It seems that America has promised peace and justice in defeating each enemy, but after doing so another one seems to arise. Now that Osama is dead, another will rise. This war isn’t accomplishing anything. We simply believe it is the only way to deal with conflict.

          “In George Orwell’s classic 1984, the government of Oceania – Big Brother – tells the people that they have a common enemy – Goldstein. At their daily “hate” sessions, the picture of Goldstein comes up on the screen, while the people scream in anger and horror at the image. Goldstein, they are told, is everywhere and must be destroyed.

          In one way, it is difficult to draw the parallels between Goldstein and America’s latest enemy, Osama bin Laden, who has been accused of masterminding the suicide assaults on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. After all, Goldstein is a fictional character, and probably was a fictional character in Oceania as well. Osama bin Laden, on the other hand, is real – all too real – and has been the financier and “spiritual leader” of numerous terrorist cells around the world.

          Thus, to draw comparisons between the two men seems absurd. Goldstein posed no real danger to anyone, while today what is left of the bodies of more than 5,000 innocent people lie beneath the rubble of the once proud WTC, the Pentagon salvage operation continues, and investigators are combing the rubble of the remains of Flight 93 in the Pennsylvania countryside, just 40 miles from my home.

          Yet, the similarities are more real than apparent and speak to what has been happening in the United States since World War II. Each decade has seen evil characters who have been hell-bent on destroying “our way of life” paraded before the American public. In the 1940s, it was Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Tojo and Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Josef Stalin and Nikita Kruschev of the USSR during the 1950s, Mao Tse-Tung of China and Lenoid Brehznev of the USSR in the 1960s, the Ayatollah Khomeni of Iran in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Khadafy of Libya during the 1980s, Saddam Hussein of Iraq during the 1990s, and now bin Laden.

          What we must remember is that we believed – and certainly the U.S. Government encouraged such thinking – that we could just be rid of those folks, we would be safe. Like Goldstein in Oceania, each man menaced our society, striking fear and hatred into our hearts, yet when they died (through Khomeni), we were not a whit safer.

          Granted, this is not a list of candidates for canonization. Each man did many evil things and was responsible for the deaths of millions – even hundreds of millions – of people. Their deaths, indeed, were good things and all have left a legacy of evil. However, what we must remember is that Americans have believed for more than half a century that if these guys were gone, our troubles would be, too.

          Instead, what we have seen is that each decade has a new enemy. The passing of one does not make us safer. In fact, in response to the latest terrorism, the U.S. Government has invoked a number of World War I and World War II measures that will restrict the freedoms of ordinary, law-abiding Americans while not making us any safer than we were before the attack occurred.

          For example, one of the reasons that this vicious attack occurred on our soil is that the U.S. Armed Forces, while spending literally more than one third of worldwide military expenditures, is nearly helpless in defending our own shores. This proud, high-technology military machine that has laid waste to Iraq, Vietnam, and Serbia has not the capacity to stop even determined terrorists armed with nothing more than box cutters and homemade knives.

          While the taxpayers of the USA have hundreds of billions of dollars confiscated from them each year to fund a U.S. military presence in other countries – including many nations that really wish we were not there at all – the armed forces fail at performing even the cursory duties of what they are supposed to be doing: protecting the people of the United States from enemy attack. Instead, we have the spectacle of the U.S. Government begging other governments to help us attack countries that may or may not have had anything to do with what happened.

          Furthermore, the prospect of justifying the attacks on nations because they harbor terrorists borders on the absurd when one thinks of the U.S. experience. First, all credible news reports have demonstrated that most of the terrorists had been living in the USA for many years, using our own facilities to train themselves for the attack of last week. Second, it turns out that at least two of the hijackers were placed in temporary federal custody earlier this year after they were discovered taking photographs of government installations in New York City. The feds had them, but then let them go even though it was obvious that they were involved in terrorist planning.

          In other words, if the U.S. Government wishes to condemn other nations for harboring terrorists, then it must begin with the USA, for we gave the perpetrators of this latest outrage everything they needed, all the way to taxpayer-funded assistance. Congress has passed laws – dutifully enforced by federal agencies – that have all but guaranteed that terrorists can operate at will in this nation and receive even more protection than the average U.S. citizen, who now must face a loss of freedoms, despite the fact that ordinary citizens are no threat to this nation in any way.

          Another way to examine this episode is to ask what would be our response if another nation had (1) allowed these terrorists to live five years or more virtually unchecked by governing authorities, despite the fact that they had records of associating with terrorist groups, and (2) trained these terrorists to fly passenger jets. Most likely that nation would have been blasted into a pile of rubble by now.

          Yes, by all means kill bin Laden if he has been behind these awful crimes. By all means, those who had a hand in this must be held accountable for their deeds. However, let us also remember that if we are to demand accountability, it begins at home with those who govern us.

          Moreover, even if the U.S. Armed Forces manage to capture or kill bin Laden, another man will take his place. At the close of the Gulf War, a giddy President George Bush declared that we were going to establish a “New World Order.” We were to be safe; our troubles were over. Yet, it was the Gulf War that bin Laden says stirred him to wage a personal war against the United States.

          As long as the government of this nation continues to press abroad to keep its empire intact, people of other nations will rise to fight it. They have already learned that they cannot defeat the U.S. Armed Forces on the battlefield, as the 1991 slaughter of Iraq’s army so vividly proved, but they also know there are other ways to strike at us.

          Orwell, a socialist himself, understood the nature of totalitarianism, and he understood how governments constantly work to deceive those they govern. Like those hapless citizens of Oceania, Americans have seen one Goldstein after another flash across our television screens. Unless we re-examine how our government acts abroad – and fails to protect us at home – we shall see even more Goldsteins in the future, and they shall continue to kill us and strike fear into our hearts.”

        • me

          lol @ Ben’s Orwell Socialist update !!!! ….. i just wanted to see a pic of Bin Ladens eye hanging out

      • abhijit

        This is simply a fake!!!!!!!

      • VKJC

        We need evidence he’s alive? How about you show evidence he’s dead. i mean hardcore evidence, not Obama said he was. Because lets face it we all know how reliable Obama’s word is… You just believe what everyone tells you, don’t you? I only believe what is proven and this is not proven yet not untill there is solid proof and i don’t mean obviously faked pics. ^ . And oh heres the biggest thing *leans in* we dumped his body at sea in a “Islamic burial”. First things first as an American i can say if i had shot and killed him and i was going to throw him over board… I’d just through his ass over board. Second there is no way in hell if we ever caught him we would get read of that body before every mother f’ing Identification proceeder and then some was finished. I have a bad feeling that on September 11 of this year we are all going to have one hell of a wake up call and that will be that Osama is alive he has once again attacked us and our government lied to us again. So show me your fake proof of him being dead, because on September 11 this year is going to be bad. so we better catch the real Osama bin Laden before then or we are in trouble.


      • Kbiru

        He is not death,fucking osama

      • Zee

        Answer this…When Sadam was hanged everyone saw it.
        The government made sure the entire world saw him die on national television.

        Why was Osama buried at sea??
        He is dead and can not be brought back to life so why could the world not see his demise??

        Think poeple think.
        I know this happened a while ago already but does this make sense?

        • sherri

          we published pictures of dead babies after 911 attacks but we respect the body of Obama? oops I mean Osama? Hmmm

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