Picture: Katy Perry Vanity Fair Boobs X-Ray

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    I’ve gotten plenty of heat for saying Katy Perry hasn’t looked her best recently — especially when she visited Australia and the much discussed Katy Perry without makeup picture. However, I have to give credit where credit is due and say the Katy Perry Vanity Fair picture they used for the magazine’s cover is blazing hot!

    In the Vanity Fair cover pic, Katy Perry’s hair looks healthy, her eyes are seductive, her lips are sexy and her boobs are amazing. Overall, her skin is flawless and she absolutely regained the sex appeal she had been missing in recent months. Many props to her.

    What’s better than Katy Perry on the cover of Vanity Fair? How about this: Katy Perry’s boobs x-rayed! Check out the second picture below to see what we were emailed. One of our readers was able to x-ray Katy Perry’s boobs so we could get a closer look at what she’s working with.

    Here is the Katy Perry Vanity Fair cover picture and the Katy Perry boobs x-ray picture:

    Katy Perry Vanity Fair picture

    Katy Perry Vanity Fair picture

    Katy Perry Boobs X-Ray

    Katy Perry Boobs X-Ray

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      • xiomara

        hot stuff……..me gusta

      • Jonathan Quimbly

        You idiots will do anything to get traffic, including making up both the headline and the pictures. This was just about the stupidest post yet on this stupid spammy website.

        What’s next, lemme guess:
        - “LA Times Snaps Pic of Paris Hilton’s Vajayjay”
        - “Chicago Tribune Releases Video of Kate and William’s Wedding Night”
        - “New York Times Reveals Elton John’s Colonoscopy”


        • Brittany Noblin

          Wow.you must either care alot or have too much free time,to cum up with that on da top of your head.
          By the way.What is the point? Katy isn’t gonna read what you wrote.

        • Rebecca Avila

          I completely agree. Why the hell would someone want an XRay picture of someone’s boobs? It’s insane what kind of garbage these writers put up here. Desperation is obvious guys.

      • boomtarattarat

        im just wondering :/ whats the color of her nipples? hmmmmmmmmm

      • Katyperryroxs43

        WHYYYY THEEE HELLLL WOULD U WANT TO DO THAT I. GUESS U PPL WOULD GET PICS OF UR EX OR FAV CELBS AND X-ray their boobs huh! Is this wat u do in UR FREE TIME U PPL DISGUST ME And this is coming from a 13 year old I hope Katy reads this AND HATES YOUR GUTSSS WELL IM SURE SGE ALREADY DOES!!

        • Lulz0rdz

          Welcome to the internet, Let me find someone to show you around….

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