Pictures: Arnold’s Son with Mildred Baena

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Let’s just say there is no need for a DNA test. Pictures have surfaced of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son with mistress Mildred Baena. You can scroll down and see pictures of Mildred Baena’s son — who is hopefully a millionaire, especially considering that his dad is worth almost a billion dollars. Mildred Baena had posted the pictures of Arnold’s son on her MySpace page back in 2008.

Currently, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is between 10 and 12 years old. In the pictures below, he looks between ages 8 and 10. His teeth, eyes and hair all really resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some media reports conclude that Mildred Baena, who is also known as Patty Baena, is struggling for money. If that’s the truth, the Terminator should be ashamed of himself. Arnold’s son should be rich — even if it isn’t Maria Shriver’s son.

Here are the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son pictures with Mildred Baena:

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son with Mildred Baena

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son with Mildred Baena

Mildred Baena's Son with Arnold

Mildred Baena's Son with Arnold

Patty Baena Son with Arnold

Patty Baena Son with Arnold

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  • bob

    Good looking kid.

  • johny5

    too bad the kid doesnt know arnold like his other kids !

  • dongorgonspec

    Governor Arnold Schwarznegger is a man’s MAN. The fact is; any 10 year old boy can inpregnate. It takes a MAN to be responsible.



  • Golda

    He reminds me of Arnold S. more than his other kids do. Maybe the maid wasn’t so hot, but she looks like a happy/simple kind of person…like Arnold S. Maybe that was the attraction. Maria Shriver looks like his polar opposite…very severe/serious/NOT down-to-earth/and unhappy.

  • damediva2011

    this is by far the most peculiar looking kid i’ve ever seen in all of my 36 yrs of life! thank God the Kennedy/Shriver genes were strong enough to combat the Terminator’s! i hope like hell this kid is super smart or daddy “the hired help healer, helper, & handler” feels guilty & takes care of him forever, because this poor baby’s looks won’t get him to the stop sign @ the end of the block….@ least the other kids can be ignorant morons & still be successful because of who they are related to….if you don’t believe it, name 5 kennedy’s who made it strictly on smarts!! go ahead i’ll wait….still waiting….nothing yet….EXACTLY

  • Andrew B.

    Who in the world wrote “good looking kid”…..are you serious!?!?!? Look at the parents; the child obviously got the WORST features of both parents. If I was Maria, I would poke the womens eyes out…..thank God the mother is over 50 and probably can not have more UGLY babies. And how does a Mexican MAID afford a NEW home in an UPPER CLASS neighbourhood. She was obviously in her 40′s when she got her CASH COW…..I mean her LAST minute pregnancy. Can women breast feed with such large FAKE BOOBS?? I wonder if Arnold bought her those too!! Couldn’t the cheap MAID just stick to stealing the silverware…..I guess not. Poor Maria chriver….reminds me of Prince Charles dumping Lady Di for the Horse faced Camila Parker Bowles !!! Maybe he can stick with the maid but I think she just wanted his money.

    • Karina

      Shes not Mexican shes from GUATEMALA which is not a place in Mexico

  • danny

    let’s now hope that arnold support an immigration reform since he has a hispanic kid!

    • Ayleen

      He was born in the U.S therefore he is American (DUH) , because he is Hispanic it means he needs an immigration reform? smh ignorant, low educated white fu***

  • Stephy2011

    NO SYMPATHY FROM ME FOR SHRIVER! The only real victims here are the children on both ends. This boy is good looking, just because he’s not blonde and blue eyes, please honey. Maria always knew what kind of a man he oops she married lol. She was just to busy worrying about molding arnold into a kennedy….NOT! oh wait, maybe! JFK was known to be a womanizer, hey, he did snatch monroe! Anyways, I think shriver must of gone mad just because arnold thought it was time to recognize this boy as one of his own and she couldn’t have that! Her image tarnage! All three of them are at fault, and now the children are suffering!

    • Johann

      I totally agree with you. The little lad is handsome. It’s not about the women, or who is hot or not. -People think!!! For fuk sake, like we say in Germany most of the people in the U.S. are ignorant. People must learn to have a lil bit of manners.

      unwissende Leute, ohne Kategorie (i read these posts an it show that most people in N.Amerika have no class!)

  • Lumpy

    When you work for rich, famous people, you get paid well more often than not. Even a “Mexican” “MAID” can earn some serious coin working in a mansion. One story I’ve read states she was making something like $1,200/$1,500 a week. Not too shabby relatively speaking!

    And how can you compare Maria Shriver to Princess Di? Arnold obviously has a thing for butt ugly women. I mean, come on! Baena is tore up even back when he was boning her and Shriver looks like Skeletor! Jeeezzzz! I assume that Austrians like arnold are just used hangin out in those Austrian alps banging ox’s, cows…and the women that resemble ox’s and cows.

    • andrew b

      The MEDIA is ON MY SIDE, the media hinted the HOUSE WAS A “PAY OFF” for the baby… you think Arnold wants his kid living poorly. THAT HOUSE WAS NOT EARNED FROM a MAID pay….it was EARNED ON HER BACK…..I know Rich people pay their maids well…..but do you know what a big house in LA costs…..I say the house is 4 or 5 million…..a MAID SALARY!!!! She earned it on her back!! Get real.

      And no offense…..99% of guys would “NOT GO OUT FOR BEER when they HAVE CHAMPAGNE at a HOME” ……OR……”They would NOT go out for HAMBURGER, when they have FILTE MIGNON at home”. I guess Arnold is the 1% of men that is a TOTAL DOG (male slut). The Kennnedy ARE considered American “Royalty”…..Maybe a Lady Reference is a little stretch but the MAID is “BEER” Maria is Champagne….and so forth….I guess Arnold just felt like drinkging something different!!

    • Ayleen

      the housekeeper was from GUATEMALA which is not a country in Mexico dumb ignorant, low educated white fu**. Most housekeepers in California aren’t even Mexican but central american (learn your geography)

  • Petey

    Jeez, the kid looks just like Arnold. Can’t believe Maria didn’t have a clue after seeing this kid around the house.

  • Ayleen

    SHE IS NOT MEXICAN, geeesh why do so many ignorant, low educated gringos call every freakin Hispanic Mexican? She’s from GUATEMALA which is not a country in Mexico! learnsomethingDOTcom

    • Jack Hammer

      She’s hispanic.

  • Rush Limbaugh

    The kid will be gay.

  • Rush Limbaugh

    The boy will be gay. Trust me, he will grow up gay if he isn’t already gay.

    • Johann

      Rush (does that means you’re one min. laid??)
      Don’t be bloody ignorant. and don’t offend the gay people, go educate the bloody peanut you use for a brain. Dumb wanker, learn some manners.

  • lilly

    Why blame the woman the only one to blame here is Arnold Peps… he was the pig that had two woman pregnant at the same time. And i can say that Arnold has a very bad taste both maria and the maid are just horrible looking womans Ugh… Guys if you are gonna cheat cheat with a super model looking woman not trash hahaha woman are just better at cheating PERIOD!!!!

  • Paloma

    he even has Arnies Hairstyle from pumping iron documentary days

  • Jäç Jo Silts

    He is a good looking boy!

  • Egor Vladimir

    He is a beautiful boy.

  • Erik

    He looks as ugly and dumb as his father!

    • an

      i wonder what u look like
      he is the most handsome young man

  • maary

    Hope this boy already knew.. It’s sad that he is in the middle of a mess he did not create..Bad enough, but to suddenly find your Dad is not who you think he is? Thats tough, he’s so young.

  • haym00se

    Dude, has anyone watched Conan the Barbarian lately? His son could have been cast as the younger Conan in the film. Wow!

  • MercianMerauder

    To Ayleen- Most people know their geography, American geography and the overflow of illegal immigrants. When you here of California, you automatically think Mexican. You have nothing better to complain about except what sh!thole country she originates from? And guess what Mexican, Guatamalen, etc. It’s all the f–king same! Al lthose borders were established by Europeans. Now you see all you “Hispanics” driving around with your flags in your rearview mirrors like people even care first of all. And second of all, as I said before, all the same. Just paper boarders that seperate all you”four footers”. Oh and by the way. You people consistently refuse to learn the language and integrate into this country that gives you so many oppurtunities. Newsflash- Spanish was brought here by the Spanish Conquistadors and was adopted and transformed an entire culture, your so-called culture. So why do you desperately hold on to a White man’s language that isn’t even your own? Learn your hisotry before you come on here and blast white people. The same ones who gave you your culture and give you the oppurtunities you have today. And one more thing, I Love Arnold and always will! And RIP- “MachoMan”Randy Savage”

  • kate

    He’s a beautiful boy. He’ll break some hearts.

  • Tammy

    I cannot even believe some of you idiots are speaking terribly of the boy’s looks. SHAME ON YOU. He’s innocent in all of this and you stupid freaks have nothing better to do than to rant on some obscure message board about whether this child is attractive or not – belittling him simultaneously. And I have a feeling the very ones writing such demeaning comments have goat penis-sucking lips. Some of you are, literally, ignorant morons.

  • gothehellMercianMerauder

    To MercianMerauder-what is your problem with latinos. You think you know everything about geography and culture. You know nothing, you are a ignorante moron that blame all latinos for your racist frustrations. You must be a nazi to think that way, And you know what. You should go back a take more history classes if you want to pretend to be an educated person. You will learn that California was once a Mexican country. All the latinos driving around with their flags are proud to belong to their countries, and you are no body to said, just by looking their apparence, their legal situation. I am so glad that it bother you the flags, jaja. By the way, most of the history textbooks are wrong when they said that the old world was Europe. It was actually America the old world because civilization started more than 20000 years ago. “for much of the last century archaeologists believed that indians came to the Americas through the Bering Strait about thirteen thousand years ago, and the tail end of the last Ice Age…Or even earlier than-the Chilean site has sugestive evidence of artifact more than 20000 year ago [ Southern Chilean Indian Early Civilization]…”the America may have been hit by as many as five waves of settlement before Colombus, with the earliest ocurring as much as fifty thousand years ago. In most versioins, though, today’s Indians are seen as relative latecomers”. American earliest civilization had alredy a well organized cultrural, political and social stratification before the conquest. So, if you want to teach us geography and culture, you should sign in to take more classes to enculturize yourself before opening your ugly, stinky, racist, bully mouth. You should read 1491 New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus. Charles C. Mann.

    • Joyce

      Point of correction:
      America belonged to the Native Americans. They were the original owners.
      And I not believe Latinos should be waving their Mexican flags in American. Mexico has done nothing for you! That is why you ran to America!
      You need to learn to LOVE IT! Our taxpayer dollars support education, medical insurance and welfare your children receive! VIVA LA AMERICA!!!!!
      From an AMERICAN educator

    • Samspade

      So you aren’t a Latino you are a mongol, if you want to call someone” ignorant,”
      make sure you can spell it first.The Aztec culture were cannibals.They weren’t civilized by any stretch of the imagination. The Vikings discovered the Americas.
      The history you quote is from south of the border.Poor and Ignorant.

  • Marko L.

    I’m huge Arnold’s fan. I watched terminator when y was 4 years old. He always seemed like a common family gay totally on the contrary from his appearance in the movies. This news with his illegitimate son just makes me laugh because thats just what nobody expected. And the best part is that the kid looks more like paps then the other two sons. Maybe Arnold was on steroids while he was making him. just kidding.I wish them both(Arnold and little gay) all for the best. Arnold should watch Conan with him and eat steak . Kid looks hungry. Just kidding. They really should spend more time together. If anyone should shoot terminator 6 thats this kid. For real.

    • Justin

      Why are you calling Arnold and his son gay?

  • Shanyn

    you people and your geography garb are you serious?does it really matter where she came from, are you really so surprised that a man was unfaithful, or that he father a son with a whore, or just that he finally fessed up to it, I personally would like to see paternity done cuz that boy looks NOTHING like him,you need your eyes checked, been there and done that and my step son looks nothing like my husband either, helping to raise a child out of an affair is no easy ordeal

  • Arkiema

    The little sperminator.

  • Palaniappan

    I like Arnold.May God bless his son.

  • rc

    hell with AS n his illegitimate breed

  • samspade

    She is a latina slut , quite common south of the border and here as well.

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