Football is Back! Time for Touchdown Dances

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Tue, Jul 26 - 1:00 pm EDT | 7 years ago by
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The NFL lockout is finally over. For football fans, this news is worthy of a celebration. And what better way to celebrate football news than to break out a touchdown dance! In the video below, check out legendary YouTube sensation Judson Laipply humorously (and accurately) illustrate the Evolution of the Touchdown Dance. From Ickey Woods to Deion Sanders to Terrell Owens, end zone exuberance is memorialized in fun fashion. Watch and see if your favorite dance made the cut.

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  • marisolchm


  • Carmonia

    This is so mad cool i absolutly loved it !!!!!!!

  • gravy

    i have a dance like that only i do it when i have a hot boy beside me or bacon either way i love thedance

  • Bob


  • kelsi

    so funny

  • bri

    never dance in public like that!!!!!!!!!

  • maybemercy


  • WatchinSomeVidsss(;

    Mann, thatts down right sexyyyyyy ;]. Lmfao. I only dance likee that whenn im nextt to a guyy.. Jk. o_o too embarassinggg x,D.

    • iSmart

      Lolz. *Rofl xD. FTW. :P

  • ehnapahdoh

    nice dance

  • Jessie

    Herro o:

  • d shaw

    thought it was kind of funny

  • luv forever x3

    omg this video is soooo fu**** funny :P

  • amariah

    love tha video

  • gaga

    its is sooooooooooooooooo sunny

  • Jessie

    Damn right sexy. ;]

  • carrigan

    yall r stupid i liked it so did my family

  • anna

    lol i think its nice :S

  • sally812

    i feel the sam way

  • CherryBoo

    this was funny

  • Captain

    imma start doing that dance

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