Plaxico Burress Free Agent Destinations

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Plaxico Burress, who spent much of the last two NFL seasons locked behind bars, is now a free agent. While he’s free to talk to any team, it appears as if he’s not going to sign with a new team. Instead, he’s reportedly most interested in joining one of his former teams — either the New York Giants or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here’s our list of possible Plaxico Burress free agent destinations:

New York Giants
The Giants need wide receiver help. They haven’t been the same since Plaxico Burress went to jail. It makes sense.

Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers could use a big-play wide receiver. With Hines Ward’s career winding down, they could also use an end zone threat. Plaxico Burress fits both of those roles.

Oakland Raiders
The Raiders love to sign players with something to prove. They also happen to be in need of wide receiver help.

New England Patriots
The Patriots, as they showed by trading for Albert Haynesworth, aren’t afraid of signing a few troubled players. They could use Plaxico Burress as a type of Randy Moss replacement.

Where will Plaxico Burress sign? (Image:

Where will Plaxico Burress sign? (Image:

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  • Lindsay Cross

    I realize that the man is a great athlete, but for stupidity’s sake, he shouldn’t be signed anywhere! Come on, he shot himself!

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