Pictures: Michael Jordan’s Daughter – Jasmine Mickael Jordan

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Michael Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine Mickael Jordan, has turned 18. That means she’s legal. And that means we can post Jasmine Jordan pictures without feeling dirty. Check below for the pics.

Jasmine Mickael Jordan will soon be heading to Syracuse University. Although she doesn’t play sports herself, she is a big sports fan. In fact, her major is sports management and she already has her Syracuse season tickets.

Michael Jordan's daughter picturesJasmine Mickael Jordan picturesJasmine Jordan pictures

Honestly, Michael Jordan’s daughter is good looking. Although, she looks so much like her dad that it’s somewhat of a drawback. Hopefully for her she will grow out of it and eventually not look exactly like Michael Jordan.

Here are the Michael Jordan’s daughter pictures. Click “Next” to see all 19 pics!

Jasmine Mickael Jordan

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  • Ann’s mommy!!

    She’s beautiful!!

  • Tzone69

    She does favor dad but really she could pass for a younger version of her grandmother Deloris Jordan

  • Michael’s Fan

    She is hot

  • Michael Jordan

    Did you notice that she is black? It took me years to notice.

  • Stanley Smith

    You’re a racist Mr. Jordan.

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