Video: Usher Attacked by Racist Woman

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    You gotta love Halloween time. It always brings out the freaks. If you don’t believe me, check out this video. It features Usher getting attacked by a racist woman. The woman was apparently mad that Usher parked in a handicap spot.

    You can respect the woman for standing up and trying to make Usher get out of a handicap spot. However, she turned things racial when she yelled “You Don’t Belong Here!” at Usher.

    As you can see in the video, this was actually a Halloween event. That’s why Elvis can be seen breaking up the fight.

    After getting attacked, Usher got in his car and drove off. With that in mind, I guess the racist woman ended up winning the war.

    Here is the Usher fight video:

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      • DonnaH

        I dont blame her…..people with money think they own the wold and can do whatever they damn well please.She was in the right and he was WRONG.Lazy asshole.Anybody else would of gotten a 350.00 ticket for parking in handicapp parking spot.

        • ron

          the woman needs a hug and so do you. all she had to do was ask him to move. but she didn’t look handicapped to me. i dont you don’t have kids so we don’t have more of you people rewarding bad behavior. please think before you voice your comments next time.

      • Lee

        A very nice thing to be doing infront of your young child.

      • richarS

        Good for her,The only place those type of ppl need to be parked is in the toilet with the rest of the shit.kudos to that woman.

      • Melissa

        Racist? Did the writer not think that maybe she was talking about him “not belonging” in a handicapped spot since he is obviously able-bodied?

      • Lin

        How is this racist? He didn’t belong in the handicap spot! Race does not matter. A jerk is a jerk!

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