Case McCoy Sexual Assault?

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If you connect the dot of various reports, Case McCoy may be under investigation of sexual assault. The quarterback for the Texas Longhorns has been suspended from the team and won’t play in the Valero Alamo Bowl. Also getting suspended (and also thought to be part of the sexual assault investigation) is Jordan Hicks, a linebacker on the team.

A news station in San Antonio claimed that two Longhorns players were being investigated for sexual assult that allegedly occured between 2-3 AM on Friday morning. Shortly after that, we learned the Longhorns suspended McCoy and Hicks.

Coincidence? Maybe. Baseless allegation? Possible. But this is definitely a situation that will rock football for the University of Texas until it is resolved.

Case McCoy - Sexual Assault Allegations?

Case McCoy – Sexual Assault Allegations?

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  • e jerry powell

    Under the circumstances, connecting the dots isn’t even that difficult. The team announced that the two players were suspended for curfew violations, and given the time at which the alleged assault was reported…

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