Tina Turner Traitor? Switzerland Citizen

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In one of the stranger stories of the year so far, Tina Turner is turning her back on the United States and will become a full-fledged Switzerland citizen. Yes, she’s going to officially renounce her rights as an American citizen. Weird!

Tina Turner has lived in Switzerland for the better part of the last couple decades. However, no one saw this coming.

Switzerland, for their part, seems to be excited. In fact, they’ve already okayed her idea on becoming a citizen.

What do you think about Tina Turner now? Do you think she’s a traitor? Or do you think she’s making a wise move? Let us know in the comment section below.

Tina Turner Traitor

Tina Turner Traitor

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  • LX5

    Weird! Not weird most likely she is leaving due to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. Proud Mary keep on earning. Nice and easy.

    • ExpatAmi

      You probably mean the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, which makes it near impossible or unusually expensive for American citizens to bank in Switzerland. As a result of this, more Americans have been renouncing their US citizenship in Switzerland than in any other nation in the world, and most of those renouncing are long-term expats or little people who just want to live normal lives.

    • apd230

      Exactly, if you lived like Tina Turner in another country for most of your senior life I can see how having to continually file series of forms to the IRS – just because – is a hindrance to having a normal life. It’s prefectl justified move and it’s not like she’s not allowed to travel to foreign countries (like USA) any time she wants to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514204852 Leah Doner

    Since when does moving to another country and then becoming a citizen of that country make one a traitor? Does that mean the USA is a nation of traitors?

    • http://www.facebook.com/suzanne.iclefherman Suzanne Iclef Herman

      It’s the renunciation part that gets people’s knickers in a knot, even though the US requires new citizens to renounce their other citizenships. Exceptionalism or hypocrisy?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514204852 Leah Doner

      Yeah, how do conservative Americans feel about Fox News being owned by a traitor who renounced his Australian citizenship?

    • Jerry Pate

      Technically and legally, it doesn’t. Morally, it does make her a traitor. Turning her back on the US so she can avoid paying her taxes. She has millions upon millsions; more than she can ever spend, yet she wants to be a big and not pay
      Uncle Sam – in my book she is a bitch and I won’t ever go to another of her

    • bargal20

      So…I guess you’re boycotting every movie released by 20th Century Fox, since in your opinion Rupert Murdoch betrayed his country of birth by becoming a US citizen and moving News Corp headquarters from Australia to the USA.

  • ExpatAmi

    There is nothing unusual about this. Not being a US person means that one is not denied banking services locally, or charged unusually high service fees while being required to provide evidence that one’s US taxes were prepared by an expensive CPA. Not being an American means that one is no longer threatened with huge fines or jail time for forgetting to dot the i, or being blamed for paying an expensive tax preparer who forgot to do the i. It also means that one is less threatened with terrorism, since much terrorism these days is directed against Americans. It also means that one is no longer taxed without representation for services that one cannot not use, and that one is no longer accused of being a “traitor” for living a normal life like one’s local neighbors.

    There are so many reasons why it doesn’t make any sense to be an American anymore these days when living abroad, that one can only ask, what took so long? I’m confident that Tina Turner would have relinquished her US citizenship much sooner if she had been better aware of how strongly some Americans choose to dislike her for doing what she must do in her given situation.

  • Just Me

    Not wierd at all. What is wierd, is FATCA and FBAR and Citizenship taxation requirements that make it difficult for an American to live long term in another country. America treats is citizens in a way that NO OTHER country in the world does. Now, it is trying to round them up and get all financial institutions to tag and report on them.

    So, she is doing a very logical and reasonable thing. The US passport has become a TFP (Tax, Form and Penalty) club, and the cost vs benefit analysis has gone very negative since the Obama Administration the Democratic Congress and the IRS launched their offshore jihad 4 years ago. I am sure that FATCA, the worst law you homelanders have never heard of, was the final straw for her. Your media does not report on it, so you are hopelessly uninformed. If you want to get an education start googling before you start condemning.

    Don’t worry, she will not be able to leave easily. She will be required to pay a very significant exit on for all her assets world wide, marked to market and converted to US dollars on the day she renounces her citizenship before she will be allowed to exit the club. So you will get your final pound of flesh before she is free of the repression U.S. Citizenship club.

    And, America loses yet another good will ambassador. So it goes, America is hopeless myopic and can’t begin to understand.

  • Sam Clemmons

    There have never been so many renunciations of US citizenship as have happened since the 2010 HIRE Act HR 2847 (FATCA). The media calls all of them as FATCATs and GLOBAL ELITES and TAX EVADERS, but the reality is that they are normal people who have realized the effects of this law and its predecessors. Most of the US Citizens who have been living overseas have the option of paying draconian, bankrupting penalties for not knowing about FBAR regulations (which had previously been akin to spitting on a sidewalk), or to renounce citizenship. You will see many many more as this law becomes visible. Myself, I plan on asking for asylum from either China or Brazil who both will likely tell the IRS where it can take its FBARs.

    • apd230

      You’re grossly misinformed. Know more on subject matter. US is not doing anything different than other countries. FATCA is happening more or less in most countries. US is event more lenient than other countries because you don’t owe taxes on the first $100,000 at all.

  • Ex-Ami

    No, there’s certainly nothing “weird” about it at all. Americans abroad are being terrorized by their government, the fact that those citizens are going in droves to consulates to renounce their citizenship (the actual numbers are MUCH higher than those published) is all too understandable. Most US citizens in their home country have no idea how their fellow citizens abroad are persecuted by their government. The vast majority of those citizens are average, middle-class workers who pay taxes to their home of residence AND to the USA, the latter of which provides no services and no adequate representation for those taxes. As I was no longer to live a free life as an American abroad, the only alternative was to renounce. The only thing I regret about it was having been put into that situation by the government of the country I was born in and had faithfully paid taxes to for 3 decades. It’s clearly time that people come to the awareness that the propaganda from USAs politicians about freedom, democracy and human rights is, well, just that.

    • apd230

      You’re just making stuff up. US has tax treaties with a lot of countries specifically to avoid double taxation, and you MIGHT owe to the IRS on the amounts you make over $100,000 while working abroad. You still have to file your return to claim all the exemptions and deductions. When the “awareness” comes to the people they simply realize how it really is not that bad as misinformed dudes on the internet rant about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/suzanne.iclefherman Suzanne Iclef Herman

    Will we ever really know why Tina renounced? I am sure that she’s gotten the best tax advice money can buy and has paid the exit fees (NO DOUBT she’s taken all the right steps to ensure the IRS will be out of her wig-permanently). However to mention the US’s unique and unfair tax hold on its expats is a hush-hush matter and could ban her from reentering the US under the Reed Amendment.

  • adrene11

    I used to travel around Europe proud to be a US Citizen. I was proud of my country. Now, I consider giving up my citizenship as well. It’s a sad state of affairs our once beautiful country has become :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/rose.lee.90834776 Rose Lee

    Nice informative post dear. now sharing useful stuff about Citizenship Requirements According to US Immigration Law

  • Lotus

    I don;t think Tina is a traitor. She loves living in Switzerland, it’s not as if she just moved their recently, and has lived in England, Cologne, South of France. Many Americans that live abroad are choosing to become citizens in the country they now reside in because of taxation reasons.

  • Mark C

    First of all, moron, it’s “Swiss citizen,” not “Switzerland citizen.” And there is nothing remotely “traitorous” about becoming a citizen of the country you live in. Is everyone in the US whose families came here from Europe or Asia descended from traitors? How stupid.

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