Frank Thomas: I Belong in the Hall of Fame

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The Baseball Hall of Fame voters don’t know how to handle the Steroid Era. This past voting session, no player was voted into the Hall of Fame. In 2014, Frank Thomas wants in. And he points to his clean career as the reason why.

Said Thomas: “Watching all the nonsense unfold and not really knowing what was going on, it makes me much more proud of my career because I competed in that era and I played at a high level in that era. There were a lot of great players, but as it unfolds, a lot of it was not the real deal. I know 100 percent mine was the real deal.”

Thomas also had harsh words for those who cheated.

“These guys did put up some incredible numbers, but they’re fake,” he said bluntly. “Any time you look at the PED situation, you look at Lance Armstrong, you look at stuff like that and it’s serious out there. Thank God I’m blessed and I did it the right way and I had a good family base that made me outwork everybody else because that was the only way I made it to the big leagues. I was never that blue-chip prospect. I had to do a lot of extra work to get to the big leagues.”

In his career, Thomas hit .301 with 521 homers and 1704 RBIs. By those numbers, he belongs in the Hall. Do the voters think he was clean? We’ll soon see.

Frank Thomas - Hall of Fame (Image:

Frank Thomas – Hall of Fame (Image:

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