Why is RA Dickey in India?

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RA Dickey is in India to help do away with the sex trafficking in the country. With the help of Bobay Teen Challenge, RA Dickey took his two daughters in an effort to protect India’s women and children.

“It’s authentic to me because of my past experience,” said Dickey, who was abused as a youngster, “also I have a sentimentality to it because the girls that I’ve seen firsthand in the streets, these 19-, 20-, 21-year-old girls. You have to look beyond that and see at one point they were daughters themselves, and having two daughters … that just for me was so compelling.”

While Dickey has been moved by the experience, he has also been shocked at times.

Said Dickey of a naked toddler with open sores he saw on the streets: “He was playing amongst the open sewage and filth with rats as big as dogs. Unsupervised. You see these images and pictures that just don’t seem like they should exist.”

Bombay Teen Challenge has helped rescue 1,000 women and children over the last quarter century. If you’d like to help, find more information at BombayTeenChallenge.org.

RA Dickey is in India (Image: TSN.ca)

RA Dickey in India (Image: TSN.ca)

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