The Rooney Rule Doesn’t Work

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The Rooney Rule is the rule in the NFL that forces teams to interview minorities for head coach openings and general manager openings. It sounds like a great rule. However, it just doesn’t work. That is the unfortunate reality.

The last time a minority head coach got a job due to the Rooney Rule was 2007! That’s when the Pittsburgh Steelers hired Mike Tomlin as head coach.

The Rooney Rule needs to be expanded to force teams to hire minority candidates for each coach opening — not just head coach. It should also force teams to at least have an assistant general manager who is a minority.

Do you agree that the Rooney Rule is broken? Let us know in the comment section below.

Mike Tomlin Rooney Rule (Image:

Mike Tomlin Rooney Rule (Image:

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  • mlmrhardy

    Forcing anyone to hire anyone based on skin color is completely wrong. The person doing the hiring should hire whom they feel is the best canidate for the position, and not be forced to pick someone because of their skin color.

  • John Wyeth

    Lets face it We don’t look at anything but black back fields and now apparently black QBs. . Lets push for black coaches and next water boys. Re-configure the league as a sub-division of the NBA.

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