New Justin Bieber Smoking Weed Pictures

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Stop the presses! New Justin Bieber weed pictures have emerged. We were sent the pictures below of Justin Bieber and Lil Za smoking weed. We haven’t yet been able to confirm these pictures are legit so proceed cautiously. TMZ initially reported that new Justin Bieber pictures are being offered around.

Lil Za is a friend of Justin Bieber who seems to be a bad influence. Not only does Lil Za smoke weed with Justin Bieber, Lil Za recently got pulled over by a cop while driving Justin Bieber’s expensive car. Lil Za didn’t have a driver’s license … but the cop let him go anyways.

What do you think about Justin Bieber smoking weed? Should he stop or is it an acceptable behavior? Let us know in the comment section below.

Here are the new Justin Bieber weed pictures with Lil Za:

New Justin Bieber Smoking Weed PIctures

New Justin Bieber Smoking Weed Pictures

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed with Lil Za

Justin Bieber Smoking Weed with Lil Za

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  • lala

    Unacceptable behavior for a role model.

  • life

    hes a teenager. he can do whatever the fuck he feels like doing.

  • kelsey

    thats obviously photoshopped, you can tell. people are posting the original picture too. i think its funny how people are so jealous they try to ruin his reputation. get off his dick

  • Jess

    nice photoshop job! Original picture he is NOT smoking. You guys are really sad

    • maynardwelsh4mx

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  • julianna

    that is soooo not jb, wtf is wrong with ppl, haters man obviosly this is a lie,

  • kayla ♥

    this is shopped, look at that guys lips lmaooo but still wouldnt doubt if biebs smokes

  • brittbrittxo

    i mean, i really dont care what he does but i think posting pictures of it is unnecessary and even if this picture is real, look at who all his “friends” are!! look who he hangs out with! no wonder why he’s smoking weed!

  • unknown

    lol! that’s such a bad photoshop skills… srsly?

  • ariel0297

    like Leslie responded I’m blown away that anybody can get paid $7305 in four weeks on the internet. did you read this link

  • Natalie

    i think he just needs to calm the fuck down with his hot ass and just chill and go back to being the lil baby faced canadian we girls loved :) <3

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