Ask a Stripper: Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl “Yasmin”

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From politics to the NBA, dancers at Rick’s Cabaret New York have opinions about everything. We caught up with “Yasmin” and here’s what she had to say.

Rick's Cabaret New York Girl Yasmin

EveryJoe: What did you think of President Obama’s State of the Union address?

Yasmin: I was at the club during the speech and it was very busy, but I wanted to at least watch some of it so I took a break and went to the dressing room where a group of the girls were watching it–maybe about a dozen or so. I figured I would only watch a few minutes, but I liked what I saw. I wound up watching for almost the whole speech — not quite, because it did run a little long. I may not agree with all his views, but he gives “good speech.” I noticed that he’s more gray than ever — he needs to touch that hair up.

EveryJoe: Who’s your favorite NBA player and why?

Yasmin: Well, it would have to be a Knick. A lot of the girls would say Carmelo Anthony. He’s cool, but can I pick his wife, Lala? Ha ha. Okay — my favorite NBA player is Raymond Felton. I like that he is so short compared to the other players, but still gets it done.

EveryJoe: What’s the best thing about working at Rick’s?

Yasmin: At Rick’s Cabaret you never know who you might meet. I’ve danced for interesting people, famous people, powerful people — just so many. The Champagne Room is always full of Wall Street movers and shakers. The Crystal Room is where the athletes like to hang out. If you like famous people you will meet them at Rick’s.

When I was growing up I had a poster on my wall of a certain rock star. Well, I got to meet him at the club and he liked me and I danced for him for a long time. I had a crush on him, and now he has a crush on me. Yes! That was my favorite moment at Rick’s Cabaret.

I’m not allowed to tell you who it is because we respect everyone’s privacy here at Rick’s Cabaret. I can give you a hint — he was in Guns and Roses. That’s all I’m saying. Haha!



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