Rihanna Loves Weed; Are You Cool with That?

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Rihanna celebrated Valentine’s Day with the love of her life. It’s not a dude. It’s not a chick. It’s greenery. Rihanna loves herself some weed.

Rihanna's Weed

Rihanna Weed (Image: instagram)

On Instagram, the singer told the world about her Valentine’s Day gift.

“Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy,” Rihanna said.

Rihanna is from the islands, so it’s not a huge surprise that she likes to light up a doobie now and again. But as a sex symbol, do you think that her weed habit hurts or helps her image?

Personally, I don’t love it. It might help Rihanna’s image as an artist but it’s not exactly a healthy pastime. And while it’s cool to get high with chicks, does anyone actually go out and fawn over a weed head?

Maybe I’m just being a prude and I shouldn’t judge Rihanna for her love of weed. Hell, the drug is well on its way to becoming legal in the United States. That said, call me old fashion but I prefer my women to be clean and not smell like the inside of a reggae club.

Tell me what you think in the comment section. Do you love Rihanna’s weed smoking ways or would you like her more if she gave up the greenery?

Rihanna's Mary Jane

Rihanna’s Mary Jane (Image: instagram)

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