Ask a Stripper: Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl “Maya”

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Every other week we get to chat with one of the hot dancers from Rick’s Cabaret New York. Last time, we heard Yasmin’s opinions on everything from the POTUS to the NBA.

Today, “Maya” chimes in.

Maya - Rick's Cabaret New York

EveryJoe: What job would you be doing right now, if you weren’t a dancer?

Maya: I love dancing at Rick’s Cabaret, and I am also a ring card girl for MMA and boxing matches. So, I love sports — maybe something in that world. But dancing is really something I like to do.

EveryJoe: What’s the biggest tip you’ve ever received?

Maya: I never talk about money, but I have met some very rich and very generous guys. I’ve danced for a lot of Wall Street bankers and finance types — they are frequent customers at Rick’s.

I remember dancing for a basketball superstar who had just signed a new contract and he was celebrating with me and about a dozen other Rick’s Girls up in the Sky Box. He was very, very generous and from that point on I have been a basketball fan!

The richest guy I ever danced for was a businessman from Germany. He told me he was in New York for a week putting together a deal to buy some hotels and some buildings. That’s pretty rich! He came in every night that he was in New York and treated me like a queen!

Well, I can’t say anymore — we are not allowed to give any details about our customers. Privacy is very important.

EveryJoe: What’s your stance on gay marriage?

Maya: Gay people should have equal rights.

EveryJoe: Besides yourself, who’s the hottest dancer at Rick’s?

Maya: Wow! My ego is being stroked. There’s lots of hot dancers at Rick’s Cabaret. Everyone has something sexy about them or else they couldn’t be here. There are new girls showing up ever day to audition. Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. Okay, if you insist — ask for my friend Kim, she is amazingly sexy!

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Images courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret New York

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