Derek Fisher is a Lying, Thieving Charlatan with Terrible Karma

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Contributed by guest author Connor O’Malley

Around the NBA, Derek Fisher is known as an upstanding citizen, an ultimate winner and an all-around great guy. Coaches want to coach him; players want to play with him. Hell, he’s the president of the National Basketball Player’s Association. But I’m here to tell you the truth: Fisher is a bold-faced liar who shamelessly exploits his sick daughter in order to get what he wants, when he wants and where he wants.

Rewind to 2007 when Fisher was playing for the Utah Jazz. The general basketball public was swooning over his every move due to his apparent heroism. It came to a head in the second round of the playoffs when Fisher arrived late to a game and went on to be a key cog in a victory. Following the final buzzer, the point guard detailed his tardiness by explaining that his 10-month old daughter had been diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer and needed surgery.

At that point, I was right with everyone else giving Fisher a standing ovation. He genuinely appeared to be a loving father who rightfully put his family’s wherewithal over his playing career. Alas, shortly thereafter, Fisher’s credibility started to dissipate.

Following the season, Fisher pleaded with the Jazz to release him so that his family could move closer to specialists who could provide superior care for his ill daughter. Larry Miller, Utah’s owner, acquiesced and granted him an unconditional release.

A couple weeks later, Fisher inked a three-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers — the team he won three championship teams with earlier in his career. The timing and destination of the deal had Miller saying it “looked funny”. And, truthfully, that was an understatement. Fisher rewarded kindness from the Jazz by signing with one of their arch rivals. That didn’t look right — and it turned out to be only the beginning.

Derek Fisher is a fraud (Image: tumblr)

Derek Fisher is a fraud (Image: tumblr)

After Fisher won two more championships with the Lakers, he was traded to the Houston Rockets in 2012. Not wanting to play for the Rockets, Fisher worked with Houston to buyout his contract.

Free to sign with any team in the NBA outside of the Lakers, Fisher decided to join the Oklahoma City Thunder — the team that had the best record in the league. The Thunder, with Fisher playing a key bench role, would advance to the 2012 Finals before succumbing to LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

To begin this season, Fisher was still a free agent. Finally, on November 29th, he came to terms with the Dallas Mavericks. He immediately moved into the starting lineup and was playing heavy minutes right away. However, less than a month later, Fisher asked to be released. He again claimed he wanted out due to family concerns — and the Mavs went ahead and waived him.

But again, things got fishy — no pun intended. On February 25th, Fisher again signed with the Thunder. Let’s think about this: If Dallas wasn’t convenient for his family, how was Oklahoma City any different? OKC is a 20-minute plane ride from Dallas. What’s going on? Could it be that he gave up on the Mavs due to their sub-.500 record and made an family-related excuse in order to join the championship-contending Thunder? That’s exactly what it looks like.

Derek Fisher is a liar (Image: tumblr)

Derek Fisher is a Liar (Image: tumblr)

I’m not the only one who has become suspicious.

“Good for him,” said an anonymous eye-rolling Mavs player to ESPN. “Good for him.”

Said another ex-teammate: “It wasn’t a big surprise. We expected him to end up with the Lakers or OKC.”

Additionally, the front office in Dallas was reportedly “agitated” by Fisher’s decision.

They have every right to be irked. The Jazz, too, should be peeved.d Fisher asked out of Utah and Dallas citing family issues yet is happy in Oklahoma City? That makes no sense. Add in the funny looking move to a championship-caliber Lakers squad a half-decade ago and the connected dots paint an unmistakable picture: Derek Fisher is an impostor disguised as an upstanding individual who isn’t above using his own sick daughter to further his basketball career.

That’s deplorable. Simply deplorable.


Connor O’Malley, also known as the Cranky Bostonian, was born in Boston and has lived there his entire natural life. He has a certifiable obsession with all things relating to the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins. To contact him, send an email to

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  • RoryBreaka

    I’ve said the SAME thing about this perfectly described “charlatan” (great description) and with it coming out that he allegedly brokered a deal with the owners under the table as a union boss, wow!!!

    It only confirms my suspicions about mr “great locker room” presence.

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