Is Dennis Rodman a Traitor?

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In recent days, Dennis Rodman has been hobnobbing with Kim Jong Un, the vile dictator of North Korea. Rodman, with a few players from the Harlem Globetrotters and a documentary group from HBO, made the trip to the communist nation and claimed it was an attempt to bring peace through sports. However, I call BS. Rodman is a traitor for his actions.

Kim Jong Un isn’t just a misunderstood dictator. This is a guy who is actively testing nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. In other words, he’s attempting to get the technology that will allow him to nuke the United States. Experts believe it’s just a matter of time before North Korea is capable of bombing West Coast cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. Currently, the country is already capable of doing massive destruction to its neighboring South Korea.

After his father Kim Jong Il died in late 2011, Kim Jong Un took over. Pundits across the globe were hopeful that the people of North Korea would reject him and initiate a quest for freedom. That hasn’t happened yet — and traitors like Rodman who are legitimizing Kim Jong Un’s rule make the chances of that ever happening less and less likely.

The U.S. has been in a cold war of sorts with North Korea for many reasons. The nuclear situation is worrisome. North Korea also has a horrible reputation for mistreatment of their citizens. In fact, thousands of North Koreans have died of starvation under the rule of the Kims (some citizens have even resorted to cannibalism to stay alive). Additionally, the country is known for randomly arresting their people, torturing detainees, running prison camps, sending children to jail, executing citizens publicly … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Rodman most likely got paid for going to North Korea. While he was in the country, he was undoubtedly treated like a king. But his actions as a traitor will be costly in the long run. It’s not unrealistic to state millions will die under Kim Jong Un’s rule. When that happens, Rodman will have blood on his hands.

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Dennis Rodman Traitor (Image:

Dennis Rodman Traitor (Image:

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  • Bobby Tiger MacRae

    he a fucking traitor!!!!!!!! what a piece of shit.

  • Noone9

    Basically he is an overrated ‘has-been’ celebrity who wants to come back to the spotlight. From a ‘marketing’ point of view the move was of course rather creative, but it is very hard to respect an athlete that always thrived on controversy. Therefore basically any self-respecting American would think nothing good of this fake diplomatic mission. Fat Jong-un knows this and it helps his agenda to ridicule America. So yes, Dennis Rodman IS A TRAITOR and a dumb ass.

    In your assessment of DPRK, I saw a very interesting old documentary back from 2006 by National Geographic about North Korea and when the reporter tried to instigate questions about challenging the supremacy of Kim Jong-il it was very hard to tell if people just adored him so much that they would throw their children into fire for him or they were just so afraid of him that they would venerate him. The cult of personality is so avast that I would dare say that even Hitler and Stalin did not amount to so much.

  • Talavai

    In my opinion, if anyone who I considered to be my “friend” said that they wanted to bomb my country, that would be the end of my friendship. For a fellow American to say that this dictator is his friend, knowing full well what he wants to do to America, that makes him a traitor to the United States! Period!

  • Jeff Macri

    Anyone who saw that whacko back then knew should of instantly known our
    country was headed in a terrible direction!

  • James

    I think Dennis rodman is a traitor to our country and should be hung or executed i mean who really knows what type of information rodman is feeding the dictator. Maybe potential target locations and percise GPS coordinates

  • kim jong hater

    strap rodman to nuke missile to north korea and kill them all!

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