7 Lauren Silberman Pictures – First Female in NFL Tryout

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Lauren Silberman made history when when she tried out in front of NFL teams. No female had ever competed for a spot on an NFL team before. As you can see in the Lauren Silberman pictures below, the kicker is a hot chick to boot, no pun intended.

Unfortunately for Lauren, her NFL tryout was a massive failure. She kicked the ball only about 15 yards on her first try. Her second attempt was even worse. Then she quit and blamed a quad injury.

In the bigger picture, she did well to open the door for female football players. She didn’t have a legit chance to make the NFL anyways, thus Lauren Silberman’s epic fail isn’t that big of a deal.

She’s still hot. She still likes football. She appears to be relatively athletic. All of that makes her a plus in our book.

What do you think of Lauren Silberman? Was it a hilarious fail or is she a female pioneer? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Lauren Silberman Female Kicker

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Lauren Silberman is a female kicker trying to play in the NFL.

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