Video: The Greatest Dunk by a Women in Basketball History!

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Brittney Griner’s dunk against Kansas State was the best dunk in the history of women. Seriously, this was a great dunk. What made Griner’s dunk so great was that it was within the flow of a game. She didn’t need a running start or a clear lane. Griner just caught it, did a drop step and dunked it.

Brittney Griner - Best Dunk Ever

Brittney Griner – Best Dunk Ever

Check out the Brittney Griner’s dunk video below.

Griner’s dunk was so good that it would have been a strong play in the NBA. Yes, I said it: it would have been a notable dunk even if compared to the best athletes in the world.

And this was just part of Griner’s great night against Kansas State. She scored 50 points along the way to leading No. 1 Baylor to yet another win.

Here is the Brittney Griner video of her dunk versus Kansas State, or as I like to call it, the great women’s dunk ever:

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