Hank Steinbrenner Killed the Yankees

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Contributed by guest author Connor O’Malley

As a fan of the Boston Red Sox, I love our rivalry with the New York Yankees. Sure, we’ve come up on the short end of the stick more often than not, but it has always been entertaining. Unfortunately, that rivalry is dead because Hank Steinbrenner has killed the Yankees.

When George Steinbrenner was around, it wasn’t a matter of if the Yankees were going to win. It was a matter of when. If things weren’t working, we Red Sox fans knew that George would do whatever he had to do to turn it around. It’s why we all learned never to celebrate even when the Yankees looked weak.

Hank, on the other hand, is nothing like his old man. George was a winner who happened to be rich. Hank is a rich kid who loves being rich and counting his money.

Hank Steinbrenner Sucks

Hank Steinbrenner Loves Money

During a time when the Yankees are pulling in money by the truck load with a new stadium, a lucrative TV deal and the other advantages of playing in the biggest market in the world, the Yankees are actually cutting salary. Why? Because Hank wants to save money on luxury tax. He promises he’ll spend in the future — but what happens when he figures out he can profit even more by keeping his payroll in check? I’ll tell you what he’s going to do: Hank is going to tighten his purse strings.

Nothing Hank has ever done in his life points to him being a winner. He won the DNA lottery and was born into money. That’s about all he’s accomplished. I know his kind and I know what to expect. Doubt me at your own peril, Yankees fans.

Today, the Bronx Bombers have a bunch of overpaid players surrounded by other players on one-year contracts. The season hasn’t even started yet and New York is breaking down. Alex Rodriguez is out for who knows how long. Curtis Granderson is gone for a while. Mark Teixeira will be sidelined for a couple months. Hell, general manager Brian Cashman saw his leg explode after jumping out of a plane.

Through everything, Hank has just sat on his pile of money. He’s biding his time and watching his wallet grow fatter. If George were still alive, things would be different. George would be spending the money to get reinforcements. George would be looking to nab talent from a less fortunate team in a trade. George would be doing something … anything.

Unfortunately, George is gone. And so is our rivalry with the Yankees.

Goodbye, New York, it was fun. Hopefully Toronto is nice in October.


Connor O’Malley, also known as the Cranky Bostonian, was born in Boston and has lived there his entire natural life. He has a certifiable obsession with all things relating to the Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins. To contact him, send an email to askeveryjoe@gmail.com.

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