10 Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs Pictures – The $5 Million Breasts

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We all love Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt herself. In a recent interview, she talked about how much she loved her own boobs. In fact, she put a price tag on her breasts.

(Check out the 10 pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt boobs below.)

“These things right here,” said Jennifer Love Hewitt while holding her boobs, “are worth $5 million!”

If anything, I think she may be underestimating the value of her breasts. Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs are definitely her money makers. I don’t think we’ve ever tuned in for her acting talent. But we do turn in to see Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, 34, doesn’t seem to be losing the battle to gravity. I’m not sure how she does — but I’m glad she does it!

Here are the 10 Jennifer Love Hewitt boobs pictures. Be sure to click “Next” to see all 20 of her breasts!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Boobs

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Boobs of Jennifer Love Hewitt

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