Pictures: Holly Madison Naked Truth on Baby Name

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Holly Madison is most effective when she’s naked — as you can see in the 5 naked Holly Madison pictures below. What is the former model for Playboy not good at? Well, for one, she sucks at naming babies.

She recently had a daughter and gave her the worst baby name of 2013: Rainbow Aurora Rotella. Poor, poor girl. If you’re mom is a Playboy model, your dad is some sort of concert promoter and your name is Rainbow, you’re destined to live in a trailer park and strip to support some sort of bad habit. So sad.

Oh well, let’s hope that Holly Madison’s daughter grows up to look as sexy as mommy. Holly Madison can’t name a baby to save her life but she’s so beautiful and sexy when she’s naked that she almost doesn’t look human. Instead, she looks like some sort of android sex machine.

Check it out for yourself. Here are the 5 Holly Madison naked pictures:

Holly Madison Naked Pictures

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Pictures: Holly Madison Naked

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  • Dan

    That word – “naked”. I don’t think it means what you think it means…

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