5 Pictures of Halle Berry’s Boobs on Jay Leno

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Last night, Halle Bery’s boobs were on Jay Leno. Oh, and I guess Halle Berry was on the show too. But, to be honest, I can’t confirm that. All I can confirm is that Halle Berrys’ boobs made an appearance in a sexy black dress that was serving up her breasts on a marvelous platter.

The Halle Berry side-boob glimpse (or is it inner-boob?) was worth listening to Jay Leno’s bad jokes. As he ages, Jay Leno’s jokes get worse and worse. Somehow, though, Halle Berry’s boobs just get better and better with age. Looking it up now, she’s supposedly 46 years old. Her breasts say otherwise and I always listen to hooters.

The funniest part of Halle Berry on Jay Leno was how her boobs distracted him so much. The talk show host has seen his sets of boobies but, rightfully so, he was mesmerized. Which one of us wouldn’t have been in awe? Don’t lie.

Here are Halle Berry boobs pictures. There are 5 pics so be sure to click “Next” to see them all.

Halle Berry Boobs Jay Leno

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On Jay Leno, we saw Halle Berry's boobs

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