Annie Hawkins-Turner’s Giant Boobs – World’s Largest!

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If you know Annie Hawkins-Turner, can you give her my number? Annie Hawkins-Turner’s boobs are spectacular — and of historic proportions. In fact, she has the world’s largest natural boobs — according to the Guinness Book of World Records. So, yeah, she’s legit.

Annie Hawkins-Turner, who also goes by the name Norma Stitz, isn’t afraid to show off her money makers. Check below for the 4 pictures of Annie Hawkins-Turner aka Norma Stitz boobs.

Some guys may say there is such thing as boobs that are too big. I disagree strongly. Just like money, there are some things that you can never have enough of. Annie Hawkins-Turner’s boobs qualify.

Sure, Annie Hawkins-Turner isn’t skinny. But, then again, she’s gotta eat good to take care of those boobs. I don’t blame her at all. Keep it up, girl!

Here are the 4 Annie Hawkins-Turner boobs pictures:

Annie Hawkins-Turner Boobs

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The giant boobs of Annie Hawkins Turner

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