Mila Kunis Ugly Without Makeup Picture

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Wow, talk about deflating news. Check out this Mila Kunis without makeup picture. The chick, who some consider to be the most beautiful woman alive, was recently spotted without makeup. The result of no makeup was not pretty.

Mila Kunis Ugly Without Makeup

Mila Kunis Ugly Without Makeup

This picture is almost as bad as the 57 porn stars without makeup pictures we recently unearthed.

I’m not exactly sure what Mila Kunis is trying to do here. Has she given up on her career and just wants to become a normal chick? Does she not care anymore? Is she so happy with Ashton Kutcher that she doesn’t feel like dressing up for anyone else? Is she trying to start a hip-minimalist movement in fashion? I don’t get it.

Let’s be honest: Mila Kunis is ugly without makeup. I would say she looks like the girl next door — but that’s doing my neighbor a disservice. She looks frumpy at best, hideous at worst.

What do you think of the Mila Kunis picture without makeup? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • GG

    She’s minging WITH makeup. Her eyes are UGLY.

  • cindy


  • ali


    • Nicole Natale

      Are you on drugs? Check out Natalie Wood without makeup. That woman was f*^&+ gorgeous!!!

  • Brittany

    Ali get your eyes checked.

  • Linnea

    “This picture is almost as bad as the 57 porn stars without makeup pictures we recently unearthed.” What are you saying? Mila Kunis looks more ugly than every single one of those 57 pictures of the porn stars without makeup. Mila Kunis looks straight-up Rancid!

  • Kate

    Mila Kunis has bad breath.

    • Shania

      What is smells like?

  • Champagne

    Mila Kunis looks RAUNCHY. HOW was she ever deemed “sexiest woman alive”? She should be ashamed of herself.

  • CJ

    f*cking ugly!!

  • Aaron

    Not flattering in the least.

  • eric

    yes, very ugly.

  • Champagne

    Mila Kunis looks RAUNCHY. HOW was she ever deemed “sexiest woman alive”? She should be ashamed of herself.

    • mysterioso

      She didn’t “deem” herself sexiest woman alive.

  • Champagne

    Mila Kunis looks like Cancer

  • Robert

    photoshop or just a bad photo

  • barbiegirl

    Shes fucking ugly, all those retards who tell her shes pretty are feeding her bullshit! Shes the most overrated celeb ever! She looks like a pig, and with makeup she looks like an old owl, I rlly dont get what is beautiful about that! Shes very average looking, well to me below average lol shes 4 out of 10

  • coennraad

    you can clearly see its photoshopped because of the sadow :P

  • Jona

    She doesn’t care about it. :) And this is a bad photo really. Look of the rest of this set and it’s not this bad.

  • sharon

    who ever photoshoped her face did a pretty fucking good job. Some idiots do believe tyat is her face so yeah…

  • Third Bro from the Sun

    Why did she do this? If you have to put that much effort into looking good, I’d imagine that you’d eventually tire of it. She’s not naturally beautiful. It takes a lot of work.

  • Grace

    I wouldn’t say that she’s ugly without makeup, but she doesn’t look drop dead gorgeous either. She was caught by the papparazzi on a bad day. Besides all she needs is a little foumdation to clear up the wrinkles. She looks like she could be naturally beautiful without makeup, but in this picture she looks exhausted.

  • Allan Hull

    I thought she was ordinary with make up but yuck. How did she ever get a start in Hollywood, she is has no talent and is fucking ugly too.

  • Doug Hogan

    Fucking terrible

  • Bob Dazzler

    Don’t take crack

  • Jonathan Evan Stern

    Are you and I looking at the same picture? She’s far from ugly. Yes, without makeup she’s not the 15 out of 10 that she normally is, but she’s still a solid 8.5.

    • Omustgo

      She lacks Schikzapeal.

    • Jonathan Evan Stern

      Well, I can’t argue with that.

    • Clyde

      In your opinion. I have never seen such an over-rated actress. Every town in America has a “Mila Kunis”. Look at her nose…like a pig snout (and I like pigs).
      Check out Natalie Wood, an actress from the 1950s-1960s…she was a Russian beauty with gorgeous features. And an innocent look.
      Mila has a look that clearly says, “I know I am sexiest woman alive.” Dream on, Mila. You are an ordinary looking woman…at best.

      (and what is with her boyish figure? no hips..)

    • the reality of it all

      lol, google, ‘Mila Kunis before nose job’. she had an even more giant Jew nose before getting her tiny little pig snout plastic surgery nose.

  • Megan Johnson

    She looks a lot puffier in the face than other pictures of her without make-up, I wouldn’t doubt that she was sick when this picture was taken.

  • Solenne

    Yes, as one poster on the Daily Mail said, she looks like an old Indian grandmother ( no racist remark , just an observation)

  • steve

    That pic is obviously altered. The eyes have been enlarged and distorted; no amount of makeup could conceal such a deformity,

  • Michael

    Embarassing that anyone would fall for this sort of digital manipulation. The whole lot of you are vicious, sheep-like, judgemental curs. Here is the original.

  • Ashley

    “I’m not exactly sure what Mila Kunis is trying to do here.” She’s just walking around with no makeup, and she doesn’t look that bad. She looks cute. Definitely not ugly.

  • Silk

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Of course she’s ugly. She’s Jewish. All Jews are ugly. :)

    • Dani

      You are an idiot.

    • Dani

      Please choke on your vomit.

  • mike

    dude it prob was a bad pic damn everyone can take bad pics her face actually isn’t frozen like that anyone who says she is ugly ya that’s your opinion as I think she is beautiful makeup no makeup this is just a bad pic damn she is gorgeous :)

  • LollyPolly

    A bad day- she must have been ill and this is a bad photo. She may look a kind of ugly in this pic but she is not ugly in reality – in the rest of the photos she looks like a real woman with a bad hairdo, bad health and much stress. But certaibly not ugly

  • john patros

    she looks like a meth addict from the ghetto !!!!!!

  • NaefBasile

    Many women having two visual identities: with eye make-up and without. I guess it’s safe to say that Mila Kunis has maintained a heavy application of eye make-up going all the way back to her first season in “That Seventies Show”. In the photo, It appears that there is some atrophy in her face. Perhaps she was in a state of fatigue when the shot was taken. I have to say that the vitriolic comments convey an ugliness which confirms that many people are emotionally damaged.

  • Blahblah

    So badly photoshopped xD just look at that strange curve next to her cheek.

  • Cito Kurrukan

    Yep. Way different from what you see here. But I think, who knows, may this was just during a bad day and with eyebags. hehe

  • Akshay Bhanot

    i m not sayin that she is this ugly as she is looking in the picture becoz she is one of my fav. but whoever deemed her and alike her the sexiest person alive would probably vote em based on popularity and the good work they have been doin. and she also doesn’t look bad at-least when playing any character on screen a, lot of stars did not get “awards” which they do deserve.

  • the reality of it all

    google, ‘Mila Kunis before nose job’ and ‘Mila Kunis before breast implants’.

    She was just a typical big nosed, flat chested, ugly Jew before all the plastic surgery.

  • Bruno Scott

    Everyone here is so mean. They should all take a look in the mirrors and see if they’re as perfect as they seem on the internet.

  • ronn214

    Did it ever occur to any of you people that this picture has been doctored? How gullible you morons are

  • Liam Kells

    Look at all the bitchy comments from mostly male names. Jealous little boys who wish they were female. This is why the world is like it is. You spent time to try to bring down someone who other people have called beautiful, do you do that to disabled people or someone with a face that was burned by a fire? It would that be a step too far and people might think you wee a spiteful human being but women considered beautiful are fair game cos you’re ‘punching up’ bring them down a peg or two hey?
    One day you might have children and one might be a daughter and you might actually love her and she’ll be beautiful and some tiny little insecure, virgin mummy’s boy spoilt self absorbed brainwashed by media idiot will tell her she’s ugly and you’ll want to hurt those people. You’ll be about 54 by this time and you’ll change your views to make your present comfortable but it won’t matter then, it’s now you could stand up to other men and be the brave one instead of deflecting it into women. Men do this because they’re afraid to deal with the real problem. Other men. Bullies and cowards who have ruined this planet for thousands of years.
    It feels good for you to ‘expose’ a woman considered beautiful! Catch them out. Burst the bubble! It’s a bubble you yourselves make with your silly boring Hollywood ideas. I look along the list of make names. The Alan’s and the Stephens. You bothered to write this. Are you a jealous little girl really? A small and frightened tiny shivering little insecure girl tap tap typing on your device. Monkey’s with technology, not long out of the trees.

  • Michelle French

    I am not a fan of Mila Kunis but I am pretty sure your woman doesn’t look much better without makeup. Do you not realize that makeup covers up flaws and modifies facial features? Of course she doesn’t look the same without it. Why should she be ashamed of herself? Is she not allowed to forget about being pretty for one day?

  • dreamraid

    ugly with make up imo

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