Heather Beaver Pictures – Spring Break Shooter

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Some 21-year-old chick named Heather Beaver just went crazy shooting up a hotel room in Daytona Beach, Florida she was visiting for Spring Break. What makes this story even better is that she’s kinda hot, she knows how to use a gun … and did I mention her name is Heather Beaver?

According to police, Heather Beaver went rabid and fired off 18 shots in the hotel room after getting mad at her boyfriend. Luckily, she didn’t connect but it took the police a while to subdue her. In fact, tear gas was necessary to get this angry Beaver to finally drop the gun and surrender to police.

The bad news for Beaver lovers is that this chick will be locked up for a while. She face a litany of charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault. In total, she has seven serious charges she’s gonna have to try to beat.

Good luck to Heather Beaver … you’re gonna need it. Here are the Heather Beaver pictures:





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