Pictures: Heidi Klum Carl’s Jr Commercial

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    I’d eat it. Heidi Klum is in a new Carl’s Jr commercial that is sure to spice up your television. In the commercial, Heidi Klum eats a gigantic hamburger in from of a confused man. Check the 12 pictures below to see for yourself.

    Hell, I’d be confused too if I saw a skinny chick with a perfect body eating a huge, unhealthy burger … but I guess that’s why it’s a commercial and not real life.

    Heidi Klum is wearing a tight black dress. The low-cut dress shows Heidi Klum’s boobs in all their glory.

    Technically, the burger she’s eating in the Carl’s Jr commercial is a Jim Beam Bourbon burger. I’d eat it. And the burger doesn’t sound half bad either.

    Here are the 12 Hedi Klum Carl’s Jr pictures:

    Heidi Klum Carl's Jr Commercial

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