Donte Stallworth Hot Air Balloon Accident

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Talk about freak accidents. Donte Stallworth, the NFL wide receiver, suffered severe burns in a hot air balloon accident. The hot air balloon he was riding in hit power lines. Two of the three people in the balloon, including Stallworth, suffered injuries.

Thankfully, it sounds like Stallworth will heal.

“He’s going to be OK,” said Drew Rosenhaus, his agent. “He has some burns, but he’s going to be fine. He will be able to continue his NFL career.”

Donte Stallworth Hot Air Balloon

Donte Stallworth Hot Air Balloon (Image: flickr)

Currently, Stallworth is a free agent. Last season, he played one game for the New England Patriots.

During his career, he has been known as a fast wide receiver with limited ball skills.

Stallworth is perhaps best known for something horrible: Back in 2009, he ran over a man in Florida while drunk. The man later died. Stallworth spent only three weeks in jail for the incident.

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