Adria Richards Pictures – Doesn’t Like Big Dongles

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I won’t waste my time talking to Adria Richards since she’s not a fan of big dongles. But, regardless, I have to admit that she’s a sexy woman. See for yourself in the 7 Adria Richards pictures below.

Adria Richards is in the news because she snitched on a pair of geeks. While at a geek convention, two geeks were making sexual jokes about big dongles and a forking repos. Pretty tame stuff for your average 40-year-old virgin geek, honestly. But Adria Richards got so upset that she turned around and took a pictures. She then put that picture on Twitter.

Her Twitter snitching backfired. Adria Richards got fired from the internet startup company who employed her. The snitch also got at least one of the geeks in the picture fired, too.

Well, hopefully Adria Richards can find a man with a pencil dongle to make her happy. In the meantime, let us view these 7 sexy Adria Richards pictures from afar:

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Adria Roberts Sexy Pictures

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